Being a fan of alcohol (In moderation of course)  I always wanted to attend a wine tasting, and was quite simply overjoyed when I got asked to attend an exclusive wine tasting experience by Garmence Wine Studio at The Communication Store in Kensington; It was an offer I simply could not refuse.

There was a variety of wines to taste ranging from Rosé to Red Wine to Champagne. I knew it would be a great evening and was not disappointed. There were roughly a dozen different wines to taste from. But out of this I quite quickly highlighted three favourites.

CRÉMANT DE BORDEAUX (SPARKLING), was the first wine tried and it definitely was one of my favourites from the night. It had a refreshing fruity taste which lingered for minutes after. It is a Rosé that not only goes well with sweet substances but is a beverage which can be served with baked food or even fast foods such as burgers and pizzas.


PROSECCO – VINO BIOLOGICO. It is said that in Italy, it is shared to cleanse the palate; removing the taste from your last espressos and without any doubt this was hands down the best Prosecco I have ever tasted. I could easily taste the difference in quality compared to the Prosecco’s purchased from local supermarkets. It had a fresh taste, feeling light on the tongue.  Having paired with an oniony hors d’oeuvre on the night it was a surprising pair for a novice such as me. It was overall a beautiful taste sensation.


SAINT-EMILION GRAND CRU. By the time we were on our fourth or fifth (we stopped counting after a while) I was a bit hesitant to try the red wine selection. Not usually a fan of red wine for its strong and sometimes dry and bitter aftermath I was grateful for this particular wine. With its smooth and somewhat feathery taste, It was so surprisingly light, that I felt like if I was blind folded I would not have guessed it to be red wine. This red wine, complimented many foods and was without a doubt a beverage I would gladly purchase.



The overall event was phenomenal, from the detailed talk on the opening to the virtual tour which allowed you to visit a vineyard and see the process of how the wines are made. This was a achieved by special 3D glasses which made you feel as if you were actually there. This segment further enhanced my tasting experience and helped to create a full picture of the detailed process Garmence wines take to come into full fruition.








Overall the evening was a storming success a night; the hospitality was exceptional, the nibbles; to die for and my impressions of the entire experience were long lasting. I would highly recommend wine lovers to buy into the greatness of the Garmence brand.


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