#HealthMatters | Everyday Habits That Are Harming Our Eyes

We use our eyes every day. From the moment we wake to the moment we sleep, our eyes are in constant motion, helping us complete everyday tasks and enriching our lives with the beautiful sights around us. Without our vision, our lives would be severely compromised. Yet many of us harm our eyes on a daily basis. While certain health conditions can negatively affect our eyesight, our everyday habits can also be to blame. No wonder so many of us rely on glasses and contact lenses to correct our faulty vision.

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#InspireLSCareers | Start Your Sewing Business With Top-Of-The-List Equipment

So you have a knack for sewing. You’ve sewn on some buttons, maybe hemmed a skirt or two. You even did a bit of detailed needle  work on your halloween costume. Now you’re thinking “I could do this for a living!” Not so fast. There are quite a few things you’ll have need of and not all of them can be bought.

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#HealthMatters | How Does a Supplement Make One’s Life Better

Apart from having a healthy balanced diet, adding supplements to your diet is also important. Supplements ensure that your body has the nutrients it requires every day for effective body performance. Supplements are necessary and beneficial to our bodies and that is why in this article, we are going to look at how supplements make our lives better.

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#BeINspired | How Positive Thinking Can Transform Your Life

If asked, most people would agree that an optimistic, positive attitude is better to have than a negative, pessimistic view – and there is an abundance of scientific evidence to back this theory. A variety of studies examining the effects of optimism and positivity on psychological, physiological and physical health have concluded that individuals with a positive outlook tend to enjoy a multitude of benefits, from reducing symptoms of chronic illnesses to lessening the risk of contracting certain diseases and more.

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#InspireLSEntertainment | A Subtle Hen Party With All the Fun!!

Are you looking for something different? Do not wish to have that wild, outrageous and loud hen party? Having a hen party where many of your guests are above forty (no skydiving!) or expecting mothers? Then you must read on! We have prepared a list of hen party activities that will be perfect if you wish to celebrate your hen party in sort of a subtle way!  You can enjoy all these activities in the comfort of your home. Throw in a couple of drinks and get the party begin!

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#InspireLSHome | Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly House

Everyone is going green. In fact, living an eco-friendly lifestyle is hip and fashionable today. As much as we care about fashion we also care about health. Your health, your family’s health, our health, in short we care about everyone’s health. Besides being concerned about the health and well-being of the people on this planet, we are also concerned about the other inhabitants of this planet and the Earth as a whole.

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#FoodandDrink | #EatingWithPrecious Reviews The Localist

Eating with Precious visited The Localist on a rather cold winter Monday evening but the experience did not disappoint.

What is The Localist Like?

The Localist has cool rustic exposed brick walls which then meet chic blue interiors throughout the restaurant, bar and bathrooms which give off a relaxed vibe.

What did EatingwithPrecious order?

BBQ Glazed Chicken Wings with paprika 

The chicken wings were all great sizes and so tasty. There is a sweet flavour with this dish from the BBQ and paprika rather than spicy.

A clear favourite of the evening.

Fried Mozzarella bites


This was served with avocado and sweet chilli sauces were good additions to the Mozzarella bites adding more flavour.

Truffle and Parmesan Fries 

The scent of the truffle fries is divine. I knew they were arriving as I could smell them from the kitchen.

These fries are made truffle oil rather than decorated with truffle shavings and garnished with Parmesan shavings.

Good portion size, arrived hot, great taste.

“Chef Special” Tempura Prawns 

This is a winner 🏆 ! Great tasting sweet chilli sauce and juicy prawns.

Main Courses:

Spicy Pork Sausage Burger

This is a handmade stacked and jam packed burger filled with broccoli, lettuce, tomato and smoked Scamorza cheese.  The European theme was clear with this burger with the use of Scamorza cheese from Italy.

This burger is a great portion size, it came piping hot and the pork sausage has a hint of spice which is just enough.  If you want more spice you could add the chilli oil which is provided on the table.

The burger is served with slices of sweet pickled gherkins on the side which brings a refreshing aftertaste from the burger.

Lemon and  Honey Sea Bream 

The sea bream was delicious with contrast of sweet from the honey and crunchy salad.  This was a good portion size and a healthy dish.

The Verdict:

The ⭐ dishes from the evening: BBQ Glaze Chicken Wings, Prawn Tempura and Lemon and Honey Sea Bream.

Would EatingwithPrecious recommend The Localist?  


The Localist has attentive staff, reasonably priced food and relaxed vibes where you can eat your food, have conversations and not feel rushed.  The only regret of the evening was not ordering the Prawn and Charcoal Burger bun also, but that is saved for another time.

The restaurant is bigger than it initially looks, the space is utilised well with various sections throughout the venue.

The Localist also offers deals like happy hour drinks and set menus and  adds a cool touch to even the smallest details. The receipts arrive in a trinket box below.

This place would be good for, catch ups drinks, meetings or an intimate dinner.

Thanks to The Localist team and Local Spoon.


The official Localist website

The Localist on




W| By Eating With Precious

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#InspireLSHome | Fun and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

Your living room is the room where, as the name says, all the LIFE of your household happens. It is a place where you welcome guests, where you enjoy those lazy Saturdays watching your favorite TV show, where your child says their first words and where you’re just being yourself.

Now, after knowing all that, it can be quite depressing to notice that this room is starting to seem a little ‘lifeless’, right? However, luckily for you, there is a thing called internet, where you can find all the top secret interior design tips you need to bring life back to your living room or any other room for free.

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