#FoodandDrink | #EatingWithPrecious Reviews The Localist

Eating with Precious visited The Localist on a rather cold winter Monday evening but the experience did not disappoint.

What is The Localist Like?

The Localist has cool rustic exposed brick walls which then meet chic blue interiors throughout the restaurant, bar and bathrooms which give off a relaxed vibe.

What did EatingwithPrecious order?

BBQ Glazed Chicken Wings with paprika 

The chicken wings were all great sizes and so tasty. There is a sweet flavour with this dish from the BBQ and paprika rather than spicy.

A clear favourite of the evening.

Fried Mozzarella bites


This was served with avocado and sweet chilli sauces were good additions to the Mozzarella bites adding more flavour.

Truffle and Parmesan Fries 

The scent of the truffle fries is divine. I knew they were arriving as I could smell them from the kitchen.

These fries are made truffle oil rather than decorated with truffle shavings and garnished with Parmesan shavings.

Good portion size, arrived hot, great taste.

“Chef Special” Tempura Prawns 

This is a winner 🏆 ! Great tasting sweet chilli sauce and juicy prawns.

Main Courses:

Spicy Pork Sausage Burger

This is a handmade stacked and jam packed burger filled with broccoli, lettuce, tomato and smoked Scamorza cheese.  The European theme was clear with this burger with the use of Scamorza cheese from Italy.

This burger is a great portion size, it came piping hot and the pork sausage has a hint of spice which is just enough.  If you want more spice you could add the chilli oil which is provided on the table.

The burger is served with slices of sweet pickled gherkins on the side which brings a refreshing aftertaste from the burger.

Lemon and  Honey Sea Bream 

The sea bream was delicious with contrast of sweet from the honey and crunchy salad.  This was a good portion size and a healthy dish.

The Verdict:

The ⭐ dishes from the evening: BBQ Glaze Chicken Wings, Prawn Tempura and Lemon and Honey Sea Bream.

Would EatingwithPrecious recommend The Localist?  


The Localist has attentive staff, reasonably priced food and relaxed vibes where you can eat your food, have conversations and not feel rushed.  The only regret of the evening was not ordering the Prawn and Charcoal Burger bun also, but that is saved for another time.

The restaurant is bigger than it initially looks, the space is utilised well with various sections throughout the venue.

The Localist also offers deals like happy hour drinks and set menus and  adds a cool touch to even the smallest details. The receipts arrive in a trinket box below.

This place would be good for, catch ups drinks, meetings or an intimate dinner.

Thanks to The Localist team and Local Spoon.


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#FoodandDrink | Victory Mansion – Stoke Newington’s Hidden Gem

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Note to self. You really shouldn’t go shopping or out to eat when you’re starving as it means you’re order the entire menu and don’t leave any ample space for dessert. (I guess you live and you learn!). However, once you venture into the Japanese eatery Machiya; you will understand just why I wanted to eat it all.

Machiya is named after townhouses that once defined the Kyoto cityscape. It is a restaurant and a bar combined and is the perfect setting for day or night dining.

I headed down to Machiya along with In-spire LS Magazine’s Creative Director Katie Ryan to sample what they had to offer and was left completely satisfied with what the eatery had to offer.

In terms of the building itself; Machiya is very compact and you can’t help but feel cramped as it is a popular food spot and is always filled with people. This evening was no exception. We were led to our seats which was situated midway in the building and were packed quite tightly to the seats on either side. However, it was easy to forget this once we had a look at our menu.

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Over the last few months I have taken up as many opportunities to eat in as many new restaurants as possible. This may not be best pleasing to my hips or thighs but a gal has got to live and in this case; I want to live as much as possible!. This month, I got treated to food at Chiquito; which is situated just outside the 02 arena. Upon entering the restaurant my friend and I were seated by the lovely waitress who ensured we felt welcome from the beginning. From the moment we walked through the restaurant I was blown away by the colourful and vibrant decorations. The walls were filled with colourful and amazing artwork.

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Based at the 4 star luxury Almond Beach Resort in Barbados, Enid’s is a colourful, open-air Bajan-style restaurant; which serves both la carte lunch and dinner using locally sourced fresh foods.

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