Are you looking for something different? Do not wish to have that wild, outrageous and loud hen party? Having a hen party where many of your guests are above forty (no skydiving!) or expecting mothers? Then you must read on! We have prepared a list of hen party activities that will be perfect if you wish to celebrate your hen party in sort of a subtle way!  You can enjoy all these activities in the comfort of your home. Throw in a couple of drinks and get the party begin!

A Classic Tea Party – If your hen party consists of females who are of all ages, then this activity is a must do for you. The classic tea party is a very underrated activity that can be really exciting if done the right way. Moreover, it gives you an amazing ambience for a much-needed conversation with the people you love!

DIY Hen Accessories – If you feel like you need to have the ultimate DIY crafts class for your hen party then the best way is to make Hen Accessories for yourself! This fun activity will not only get your bunch of accessories ready for the big party but will also help the ladies mingle in a bit. You can go for Tiaras, Stashes, Bag Fillers or even painted Tees!

Chef in The House – Yup, you read it right. If you are interested in learning cooking, then you can call a chef in the party. It would be the perfect option, as you will get to learn some tricks from the professional chef and once you guys are done with the cooking, you have all that delicious food to yourself. So grab on those aprons and get going!

Slumber Party – If your guests comprise of your childhood besties, then here is a chance to live back the old days. Recall the time when you guys were kids and had a slumber party every week! Sleepovers, makeup and whatnot. Well here is a chance to live that all over again. Get into your pyjamas and get the party going all night! You can for sure have some drinks since you guys are adults now!!


Cocktail Making – Get on with your hen party by creating some fantastic drinks by yourself! When you and your fellow hens gather around, something delicious is definitely going to be stirred up! Cocktail making is an art that also doubles up as a fun activity for your hen party, and the bonus here is that you get to learn a skill that will be really handy in the future as well!

Chocolate Workshop – How can desserts be left behind when we have spoken about food and cocktails. Get on with your artistic side and show all your creativity in the chocolate class that you can easily get conducted at your home! Bake a cake, temper chocolate or spread out a shiny ganache. You will have so much fun that you might eat all the sweet delicacies!

Scent DIY – Nothing better than having a fragrance for yourself. If you are always looking for that perfect scent for yourself but you are never able to find it then make way ladies because now you can make your own! And what better an occasion than a hen party to make sure that once you ladies are done making the best fragrances for yourself, you also have the perfect souvenirs to take back with you!

In-Home Makeover – The final and must do activity for every home based hen party is giving each other, the perfect makeover! Take your lipstick and your mascara and give each other the best makeover. You can even undertake this activity before you, and your fellow hens are headed out for a party!

So, there you go! If you want to have a subtle hen party without compromising on the fun, you now know what to do!




W| By Caitlyn Bell


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