Featured Slider, In-spireLS Relationships, May 2014 Comments Off on #InspireLSRelationships| Dos, Don’ts, and Oh Damns galore! …in dating games ) (Part 2) |

#InspireLSRelationships| Dos, Don’ts, and Oh Damns galore! …in dating games ) (Part 2)

Part 2. Say you’ll be my darlin’ (Be my, be my baby)

The more unique the guy you are after, the more selfish we have to be with our time and our choices. There is really no need to waste so much time to chase the guys who are not right (That’s not Mr Right!) for you, nor will they treat you the way you want them to. They may well be ‘Mr. Super Everything’ but what good is he to you if he is NOT good to you? It’s time to be selfish in dating.

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#WinStuff| Win 2 ‘Belle’ Goodie Bags CLOSED

After having the pleasure of attending the UK screening of ‘Belle’ at 20th Century Fox earlier this month. In-spire LS have teamed up with them to offer 2 lucky readers the chance to win ‘Goodie bags’ which include: a Belle themed notebook, canvas bag, scarf, movie soundtrack and a book about the story of Dido Belle, written by Paula Byrne.

To be in with a chance all you need to do is TWEET or email us to be in with a chance.

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May 2014, Music Matters Comments Off on #MusicMatters| Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Your Love’ |

#MusicMatters| Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Your Love’

Global pop mega star, Nicole Scherzinger, has officially premièred brand new The-Dream and Tricky Stewart-produced single Your Love‘; the sensually racy ‘Your Love’ will be released on June 13 on Sony Music.

The ‘Your Love‘ music video was filmed on Malibu Beach.














W| By Dean Perretta      



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#MusicMatters| Harriet Eaves ‘The One For Me’ Review

Arriving in time to entice us into the upcoming summer months ‘The One for Me’ is the second album from Jazz singer Harriet Eaves.  Before I run through the album tracks let’s take a little time to and get to know Harriet Eaves. Ms Eaves has already served a fantastic apprenticeship in the world of music and performing.

Harriet originally trained as a classical musician at Chetham’s School of Music.  Her experiences thereafter paint a colourful canvas. She has performed in some of the UK’s top venues, including the Royal Albert Hall, M.E.N. Arena, Cardiff Millennium Centre and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. In 2012, Harriet has toured with the band James as featured soloist and performed backing vocals for the likes of Tim Burgess and Electric Light Orchestra.




Harriet’s international debut was in Trinidad and Tobago, where she performed as a Jazz Soloist performing for The Queen and delegates from over 50 states during the bi-annual Commonwealth Conference.

Harriet has performed with The University of Manchester Big Band at Manchester’s Club Academy and The Lost Theatre, London. She regularly performs in her Jazz duo with renowned pianist Nathan Jarvis, performing at venues such as Jazz After Dark, The House of Tippler, The Bridge House and at the Crystal Palace Festival, In November 2013 she recorded a live session at Croydon Radio becoming the station’s first artist to reach 1000 downloads in just one week, reaching almost 4,000 downloads to date.

So as you can all see, Ms Eaves has certainly paid her early dues to the industry.

So on the album itself. “The One For Me” is a fabulous listening experience. From my point of view it stands out because Ms Eaves is not only a Jazz singer but also a British, home grown Jazz singer. With offerings such as this it will be just a short amount of time before she establishes herself as the foremost jazz vocalist in the UK.




The set opens with “Love, Love, Love” in which Harriet lets her man know how she feels whilst allowing the listener to initially savour the vocal performance but then be drawn in to not only sing along but swing too. A wonderfully simple lyric given a fun jazzy vocal.

Then follows George Shearings ode to Charlie Parker, “Lullaby of Birdland.” Sung by notable greats such as Ella Fitzgerald; Harriet sings her version with accomplished polished tones and to paraphrase the song itself – “That’s the kind of magic music we make with our lips” Which she certainly does.

The album title “The One for Me” comes rolling on the back of a crisp driving piano riff which is accompanied by Harriet’s vocals that serve to drive the tempo of the number with the urgings of a seemingly desperate plea to let her man know that he’s the one. I confess I LOVE this track to pieces.

Harriet then strips things back with the sultry” Peel me a Grape” This track shows off her obvious versatility as it invokes that smoke filled bar with the Blues singer telling all and sundry just how she feels and how she should be treated. It is a fantastic treat that you really listen to and feel.

The second half of the EP carries on with “Get in my Way” which is a pleasant enough track and deserves repeated listening before passing judgement. Some wonderful vocal runs and sweet harmonies are there in. A pleasing showcase for Harriet’s vocal talents whilst, in my limited opinion, not taxing her too much.




For me it is a brave singer that attempts Billie Holidays timeless “God Bless the Child” Clearly Harriet is a brave lady. I suppose that if you’re a jazz singer this is where you have to go to truly test yourself. Well Ms Eaves carries the classic fabulously well. A smooth, slightly understated vocal that remains emotionally charged throughout draws you right in. Harriet makes it her own as they say, and I am pleased to report that this is a mesmerising rendition of the jazz classic. This is, in my humble opinion, destined for millions of plays across the various broadcast mediums for years to come.

Harriet then takes things up a notch and has some fun with Britney’s “Toxic” What Harriet does here is not only put a clever jazz spin on this; thereby turning it on its head. But still manages to maintain the raunchy, sexually charged feel of the original. By the end you forget that it started life as a dance/pop track and this version sticks in your memory. Great job Ms Eaves.

The set closes with “Can’t take my eyes off of you”. Harriet drops the tempo down and once you’ve suppressed the urge to stand, wave your arms and sing-a-long as you would to the Frankie or Andy versions; this turns into a wonderfully heartfelt love song. At times she slips on the soul singers mantle to accomplish the emotion of the tune but slips effortlessly back into bluesy jazz mode throughout. In one word ‘BRILLIANT’.

In an industry where gimmicks and trends on a theme come and go it is both heartening and refreshing to see and hear someone making an effort to stick to their musical guns and plough a furrow for themselves (and the genre itself). I believe that with this offering Harriet Eaves is making a loud and clear musical statement. Jazz music is still here and has its place amongst contemporary mainstream music. And boy is she bringing it!!

Just for reference I find that Harriet has a fresh, unique style of her own which is imbued with such clarity it flows effortlessly like the proverbial stream. If I was forced to find a likeness I’d say she has a tone somewhere between Julie London, Lena Horne and Norah Jones. That is, like I said, ONLY if I HAD to find comparison. Otherwise Ms Eaves is refreshingly different in her delivery.

“The One for Me” is a collection of quality songs given life and soul by Harriet Eaves’ cool, measured and at times sassy voice which is made even more accomplished and enjoyable by the blues and soul edge; that she has in her overall delivery. This is stuff for the summer yes, but also for that lovely bottle of red curled up in front of the fire during autumn or winter. This album deserves purchasing and will not leave your playlists anytime soon.

To learn more about Harriet Eaves click:






W| By Ian Birthwright                    


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May 2014, Music Matters Comments Off on #MusicMatters| Meet Musical Talent Authentik |

#MusicMatters| Meet Musical Talent Authentik

It is safe to say that the singer known as Authentik lives up to his name sake in the realms of passion and talent for music. Born in NJ, Authentik has been blessing audiences with his miraculous vocals since he was 5 years old; starting out in church.

A young Authentik was eager to exercise his God given talent in front of any and everyone who would give the time of day to listen; and none were left disappointed. As he grew, so did his passion for music and mastering his skills every step of the way. Fueled by his love and fascination for R&B and Hip Hop, he challenged himself to learn the art behind singing, song structure, acapella, writing, basic piano skills, and harmonizing. He even pushed himself further to learn other genres such as Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, etc. In high school, he and a few close peers sung together in a group collectively known as “Harmoniously Speaking”.




He would further pursue his passion by going to major in Music at Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, NJ. This is where he mastered his craft and learned all aspects of music performance, business, composing and teaching only to have his plans cut short by leaving to take care of his father who had fallen ill and would unfortunately pass away in 2003.

These personal tragedies with family and friends only helped to build and elevate him higher and he would bounce back to work as a waiter only to move up the corporate ladder to become a Director in a retirement community for Culinary Services.


Authentik In-spire LS Music Matters


He always believes that hard work, responsibility and dedication will get you far in life and help you to become successful. Authentik has never given up on his dream and neither should you! You may ask… Why is his name Authentik? Well…People have always told him that his voice and character is just that, AUTHENTIK! It means one of a kind, not false or copied, genuine, real and priceless. His voice is definitely ‘authentik’ and can’t be duplicated. He was born a star, he has overcome a number of obstacles in his life and is back to show the world exactly who he is and why he should be in the music industry. So sit back and listen to his story.

Authentik Official Twitter:
Authentik Official Reverbnation: Click Here
Authentik Official Soundcloud



W| By Dean Perretta                                                      via

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1 2Watch, May 2014 Comments Off on 1 2Watch| DJ ReRe |

1 2Watch| DJ ReRe

DJ ReRe started her career in radio promotions in 2002 in Omaha, NE, and later transitioned to producing news radio segments for NPR News.

Shortly thereafter, DJ ReRe found her niche as a radio DJ at Iowa State University, co-hosting a Reggeaton/Hip-Hop themed show, alongside and a series of Hip-Hop/R&B shows. During her collegiate years, DJ ReRe hosted monthly house parties at her apartment, where DJ ReRe noticed people would be drawn to the excitement and energy of the music. Based on the overwhelming response, DJ ReRe then put together a series of urban mixtapes. DJ ReRe also noticed observers would confront her to question her expertise in mastering a mixtape record.

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1 2Watch, Featured Slider, May 2014 Comments Off on 1 2Watch|Rising Radio Personality Drinah Hack |

1 2Watch|Rising Radio Personality Drinah Hack

Nothing inspires us more than women who are focused on making their career dreams come true.  Drinah Hack is a young radio broadcaster who is determined to make  herself a household name and is making her dreams come true; one goal at a time. In-spire LS caught up with the US’s rising talent to find out why she got into broadcasting, what her career aspirations are and to find out how she deals with setbacks. An inspiring read for all those who are chasing their dreams and going for career gold.

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Film, In-spireLSTV, May 2014 Comments Off on #TVMatters| Fargo: Beyond Minnesota Nice |

#TVMatters| Fargo: Beyond Minnesota Nice

You can tell a man from Minnesota, but you can’t tell him much. The uber-reserved, hot dish-loving inhabitants residing in the great state of Minnesota are perennially depicted – for better or worse – as passive aggressive, bearded Scandinavian stock, with less charisma than a turtle’s excretion in FX Network’s suspense fully mundane yet exceptionally successful new hit television series ‘Fargo‘  starring Billy Bob ThorntonColin HanksAdam GoldbergKate Walsh, and Alison TulmanThe Coen Brothers-directed Hollywood movie ‘Fargo ‘which possesses inside mockery of outdated territorial stereotypes – and laughable faux dialects – is stupendously replayed for ‘Fargo‘ in 2014, despite the shows universally crowned writing, directorial pacing, and sterling acting performances.

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