Beauty, Beauty & Haircare, Beauty Essentials, January 2014 Comments Off on | Soft & Gentle Relaunches With New Range |

| Soft & Gentle Relaunches With New Range

Soft & Gentle have stepped up their branding and have re-launched with a brand new look and new formula. The advanced body responsive formula contains an active ingredient which helps to control the release of sweat. Not one to be left behind, the brand are launching not 1, not 2 but 9 new fragrances which include the scents Pink Grapefruit, Orange Blossom and Pear & Cotton flower.

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Fashion, Featured Slider, January 2014 Comments Off on #FashionInspired For The Love of Bellazzi |

#FashionInspired For The Love of Bellazzi

Last year, I had the pleasure of being sent one of the many high quality bandage and bodycon dresses for upcoming e-tailer Bellazzi. I have always possessed a healthy appreciation of bandage dresses; as they cling to mybody and enhance my natural curves. However, I have never come across a fashion outlet that specialise is producing these dresses in the way that Bellazzi does.

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Health, January 2014, Lifestyle Comments Off on #HealthMatters|Electronic Cigarettes: An Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes? |

#HealthMatters|Electronic Cigarettes: An Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes?

It is known fact that cigarette smoking can cause both short term and long term effects to our health; whether smoked directly or taken in from secondary smoke. Whether we are consumers of the product or not; we are continually bombarded with advertising campaigns plastered on massive billboards, or emblazoned over most if not all cigarette packets. Although, I am not a smoker myself; I do have some empathy for those who do smoke and battle to quit or cut down. No drug is easy to stop and smoking is one of the most difficult drugs to quit. However, it is not impossible and each year the industry creates new products that they feel is not only better for cigarette smokers but also help the environment with regard to the reduction of waste product.

The first known electronic cigarette burst into the industry in 1963, and since then; new and improved versions have come onto the market. Although,  it has been some time since they have become readily available to consumers. It is still not entirely known what the health implications may be. However, a vast amount of customers have found a number of benefits from using E-cigarettes with many people saving money and cutting down on their intake of nicotine as a whole.

Vype Cigarettes

There are thousands of e-cigarettes brands purchasable both online and in retail stores which provide consumers with information on their overall pros and cons. The Vype electronic cigarette is one such brand which takes care in offering as much information on the selling features of an electronic cigarette that main cigarettes do not offer.

So How Can Electronic Cigarettes Be An Alternative To Normal Tobacco Based Cigarettes?

1) Electronic Cigarettes Act As A ‘substitute’ For The Overall Experience Of Smoking Tobacco: As there is no tobacco present; there is no smoke which means that you don’t inhale smoke in the lungs. In some effect, this gives the body one less toxin to combat.

2) You Don’t Need A Lighter: How often have smokers asked other smokers for a light. Only to be left disappointed when they haven’t got one! With the electronic cigarettes there is no need to acquire one.

3) Nicotine Levels: Similar to if you purchase normal cigarettes you can buy them dependent on their strength. The electronic cigarette works in a similar way where you can purchase one with smaller cartridges which lowers your intake of nicotine overall.

4) If Bought In Bulk Can Save You Money:  on average, a smoker in the UK spends up to £35 per week on cigarettes which amounts to over thousands of pounds being wasted. This is indeed a crippling amount of money and many smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes as an option as they are now becoming more affordable and last longer than an average cigarette stick.

Smoking in all its forms is not good for your health but if you are struggling to wean yourself off from the real deal, the electronic version may be an alternative for you. If you are serious about reducing your cigarette in take and need more assistance. Do not hesitate in making an appointment at your local GP.




W| By Sasha Shantel                                              @Sashashantelvip

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Entertainment, January 2014 Comments Off on Mischa Barton To Star In ‘L.A Slasher’ Movie |

Mischa Barton To Star In ‘L.A Slasher’ Movie

‘L.A Slasher’ is an upcoming Hollywood independent drama movie starring Mischa Barton (‘The O.C’), Danny Trejo (‘Machete’), Dave Bautista (Marvel ‘Guardians of The Galaxy, ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’), Drake Bell (‘Superhero Movie’), Eric Roberts (‘The Dark Knight’), and Brooke Hogan (‘2-Headed Shark Attack’); ‘L.A Slasher’ was produced by Jeffrey Wright and Daniel Sollinger, and has officially finished post-production.

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Featured Slider, Inspirational, January 2014 Comments Off on #BeInspired| Fight The Power: Combating Stereotypes |

#BeInspired| Fight The Power: Combating Stereotypes

Stereotypes are often designed – or heavily underscored – by a portion of archaic-minded mainstream media outlets for entertainment purposes or an otherwise inaccurate reflection of society, with impressionable viewers suspending their own disbelief in turning a blind eye in the process of projected untruth; women, ethnic minorities, and LGBT community are often high-risk recipients based on vital data statistics.

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Eating Out, Featured Slider, January 2014 Comments Off on Food & Drink|Royal China Review |

Food & Drink|Royal China Review

Claiming Gordon Ramsey and Tom Parker Bowles as fans of its Dim Sum, the Royal China Group has managed to establish itself as owner of some of London’s most authentic Chinese restaurants. With six locations to choose from, Taytula Burke heads to Baker Street to see what all the fuss is about.

It used to be that if you wanted to experience authentic Chinese food in London you were almost certainly advised to head to China Town. If however the canteen style eateries are a little less glam than what you had in mind, you might want to take a trip to one of Royal China’s six restaurants.

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Fashion, Featured Slider, January 2014 Comments Off on Fast Fashion| Bag A Look At River Island |

Fast Fashion| Bag A Look At River Island

Lime Box Clutch £30.00

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Beauty, Beauty & Haircare, Beauty Essentials, Featured Slider, January 2014 Comments Off on | Eye of Horus Teal Malachite Eye Pencil Review |

| Eye of Horus Teal Malachite Eye Pencil Review

I love trying out new products from up and coming companies, and this little beauty turned out to be a real treat. I will start by saying I am a sucker for well thought out packaging, and Eye of Horus have made theirs really eye catching. With an Egyptian inspired black and gold theme that catches your attention and my magpie eye, it just looks so classy and well thought out. The metallic teal end with the Eye of Horus logo on this specific product doesn’t go a miss, and made me want to try this product out straight away (what? I’m a sucker for these marketing ploys I tell you…)

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