Beauty Essentials: HD Brows: The Ultimate Eye Brow Kit

Any make up artist will tell you, the key to a picture-perfect face is flawless eyebrows, and thanks to HD Brows®  fabulous range of make-up – you can be red-carpet ready in an instant this summer.  And with the latest celebrity fans including The Saturdays, Little Mix and Emeli Sandé, it’s never been so easy to dazzle like the stars with your very own bespoke HD Brows®.  

So if you’ve already experienced the UK’s No.1 eyebrow treatment, what better way to stay salon-fresh than with HD Brows®beauty must-haves.

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Wonder Women Daddy’s Girls Reveal Video To ‘That’s Why Raving’s Long’

Our ‘Wonder Women’ DaddysGirls joins forces with Diverse Voices and Nang TV to deliver the long-awaited video for ‘That’s Why Ravings Long’.

As self-declared raving veterans, the duo’s frank and comedic take on the clubbing experience rubbishes the glamorous, champagne-popping imagery that is all too familiar in popular club videos. Continue Reading

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Exploring Europe| Top Three Destinations

With regular flights from the length and breadth of the UK to numerous locations in Europe, it has never been easier to take a weekend break or a gloriously long holiday abroad.  Europe is filled with diverse and fascinating history, culture and locations that will simply take your breath away; which means there are plenty of great locations to choose between.

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Snoop Dogg, Iggy Azalea and A$AP Rocky To headline Fresh Island Festival in Croatia

Situated on the gorgeous beach Zrće on Island Of Pag, Fresh Island offers Hip Hop fans, festival goers and sun-worshipers some­thing out of the ordinary: intimate surroundings where they can see the hottest names in Hip Hop perform for them, admits the stunning Adriatic coastline of Zrce beach and enjoy a bar-tab considerably lighter than a Miami beach club! Recently unveiled as the first two headliners to fea­ture across this four day extrav­a­ganza of music and par­ty­ing, Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, Iggy Azalea and A$AP Rocky will be join­ing fans on the ‘New Yorker’ main stage (Papaya & Aquarius Open Air Clubs) to deliver what will be their per­for­mances of the sum­mer — A$AP also only due to play two Euro­pean dates this sum­mer, Fresh Island being one of the grand exclusives.

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The Men’s Korner: SS13 Trends

Weather your traditional with blue for boys or dare to go against the rule of time and trend pink there is a shade for everyone this season.




I can sing a rainbow with UNI QLO linen shirts £29.90


I like short shorts….shorts go a little higher this summer do you dare to bare???

Next Chino Shorts £16.00

Buckle up for Ralph Lauren Telly Suede Driver £115.00

KEY TREND ALERT!!! Denim jacket for a rugged look

Diesel ELSHAR Denim Jacket £300.00


Show your softer side with a pastel blue suit.

River Island Light Blue Slim Fit Smart Suit Jacket £100.00

River Island Light Blue Slim Fit Smart Suit Trousers £40.00


KEY TREND ALERT!!! Large round understated watches with a tailored suit for the Perfect Gentleman look

Guess Men’s Bronze Round Multi Dial Watch £120.00


W| By Chantal Husson

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First World Country, Third World Living

“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.”

(Article 25, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

I came across Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and was suddenly struck with a thought: will residents of the eighth richest country in the world find themselves in a situation akin to a smaller, third world nation?

Ok, so that comparison was probably a little dramatic, but not as far away from reality as some of you may believe. You only have to be a casual consumer of the news to know that we are well and truly screwed. With unemployment on the rise and many people finding it hard to make ends meet, how long will we be able to maintain our stiff upper lip before we start crying out for a change we can believe in.

As it stands, there are already 13 million people in the UK living below the poverty line; half of those are actually in employment. However, the government is calling for us all (excluding the wealthy) to pull in our belts so tight it may actually cut us in two. With the welfare system about to undergo an extreme makeover; and many public services (including the jobs they generate) being scrapped, is Great Britain about to become Grim Britain?

According to MGM Advantage, if you want to just maintain the standard of living that you had last year, you will need to spend an extra £678! So where is this money supposed to come from? With the price of food, rent and travel all increasing, but wages and benefits going in the opposite direction, it seems we are being asked to become conjurers of some sort.

The Office of National Statistics released figures stating that the cost of food is rising three times faster than the average wage. Many families are now faced with a tough choice: beans or bills. Who would have thought that the supermarkets’ buy one get one free deals were still out of the budgets of some of the people living in this country? To combat this, food banks are popping up quicker than spring daffodils, but are still unable to reach some of the country’s neediest. The thing about food banks is that they are primarily charitable organisations who have to fundraise and rely on the good will of ordinary folk to keep them afloat. The other problem is that with them working on a referral only basis, people who are not in touch with services for any reason have no way accessing the emergency supplies.

On the topic of food, I’m just going to throw something out there: I think it is no coincidence that as there is demand to provide food at a cheaper price, we are seeing our meat products produced with alternatives we would not normally consider eating. Worse than that, traces of veterinary medication have also been found which implies to me that these animals could have been unwell before they were slaughtered. Things have got so bad over here that people are literally eating scabby old horses.

If you are reading this, tucking into your free range organic chicken from Waitrose, you probably are not experiencing the same level of concern as me. But then again, has your landlord informed you of your rent increase yet? I was alarmed to find out that in some cases, Londoners are spending about 59% of their income on rent (this doesn’t even include the amount it costs to maintain their homes).

So what happens when the rental rates are soaring and the demand for affordable housing is dwarfing the actual supply? You only need to walk through the most built up parts of the country to see people with nowhere but a shop doorway to call home. In 2011/12, London alone saw 5,678 people sleeping rough, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is hard to quantify the amount of people that are without a home, because the majority of them don’t make it to the streets. Many are living in hostels, bed and breakfasts, or just sofa surfing with fingers crossed they will be able to find somewhere permanent to lay their heads.

The government has decided to put a cap on the amount of housing benefits a claimant can receive, leading to prophesies of people being forced to live in ghettos outside of inner cities as they can no longer afford the rents these areas command. But wouldn’t a more universally beneficial alternative be for them to put a cap on what landlords are allowed to charge? With less money spent on rent, there would be more money to spend on food, savings and the other essentials set out in Article 25.

With services for the elderly and disabled being slashed, and the future of the NHS as we know it looking shaky, I’m really worried for the people that are not in any position to fend for themselves. The government’s brutal cuts will appease those who don’t believe that anyone deserves a free ride in life. Unfortunately, it is these very services and welfare aid that sets a country like ours aside from others in the developing world. Countries that do not have the money or infrastructure to fend for their weak have no choice but to cast them aside; but I find it hard to believe the same to be true of the UK.



W| By Taytula Burke

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We Heart Reiss AW13 Men’s & Women Collection

This is just a taste of what’s to come from one of our favourite fashion outlets Reiss. Not, available until August, we wanted to give you a quick peek!

What’s your views? Reiss never fails to offer class and sophistication. Both the collections for men and women are to die for!

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Music Matters: Jessie J Reveals New Single!




Monday 8th July see’s the release of Jessie J’s first single, “WILD” from her highly anticipated second studio album.

Jessie’s spectacular return is without doubt one of the most publicly demanded of any UKfemale solo artist. Her immense rise as an internet phenomenon with the release of cult-hit track ‘Do It Like A Dude’ in 2011 laid down the foundations for Jessie J the now global multi-platinum selling superstar.

The release of “WILD” see’s Jessie once again stamping down her mark, having teamed up with two of the biggest rap heavyweights in the game, the Godfather of UK Grime, Dizzee Rascal and Def Jam’s finest from across the pond, Big Sean; both bringing their signature sound and flow to the record, amplified by the slick production courtesy of Dr Luke protégé, Ammo.

“WILD” is an explosive future-classic track infused with a contagious rhythm, pounding bassline, and Jessie’s unmistakable soaring vocal. Following months in the studio with production mogul Claude Kelly perfecting the sound of her second record Jessie is back and she means business.

Jessie decided that “WILD”, as the first track from her second album would be a tribute solely to her fans as a thank you for their constant love and support. The build-up to the iTunes release (UK- 26th May & worldwide – 27th May) of “WILD” began last week following Jessie’s performance and announcement of the single live on the final of American Idol,  since then she has been revealing short teasers including an acoustic studio clip of the verse and chorus of the track which racked up an astonishing 500,000 YouTube views in twenty-four hours.

In less than three years Jessie J has achieved a dizzying array of career accomplishments, number one singles and a debut album selling millions, show-stopping performances in front of a global audience of billions at the 2012 Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee, inspiring and admirable acts for charity as well as entertaining the nation as a coach on Saturday Night prime-time TV show, The Voice and breaking UK chart history for the most top 10 hits off one album.

Jessie J Summer 2013 Festival Dates:


1st June – All Starz Summer Party

9th June – Captial FM Summertime Ball

16th June -Chester Rocks

13th July – TheEden Sessions

14th July – TheEden Sessions

17th July –EdinburghCastle

19th July – Westonbirt Arboretum

20th July –Durham International Cricket Ground

28th July – TheSoundIsland Festival

17th August – V Festival,Chelmsford

18th August – V Festival, Staffordshire

1st September – Sundown Festival


“WILD” will available on iTunes from Sunday 26th May and will release through Island Records on Monday 8th July.

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