Treadmills are excellent pieces of cardio machines. However, for some, they may get tedious to use. But, you do not have to suffer that boredom! There are a few ways that you can make the treadmill a fun and efficient tool for walking and running.

So, if you do not feel that you won’t last with that treadmill exercise, then read on for steps on how to get in shape on the treadmill. Also, you need to choose your treadmill for your exercises.

Simple Ways to Get in Shape Using a Treadmill

Here is a list of moves to follow when your goal is to achieve that body goal on a treadmill:

Try The Sideways Shuffle

If you think that you only have to walk forward on this machine, then think again! You can consider sidestepping to emphasize the force on your hips, calves, thighs, and obliques.

Experts also suggest trying the to challenge your strength and balance even more.

Not only that this is a unique way to get in shape, but it is also easy to execute. All you have to do is to put your right hand on the rail of the device. Then, try to place your left hand on the other railing.

Try to shift to the left slowly, so the left railing will now be in front of you. Then, at the very moment when you step to the left side, try to move sideways.

As you are about to shuffle flat to the ground, you need to make a shuffling motion. Consider clicking your feet and shift sideways.

But, you need to take note that you need to take a similar approach on the right side as you did on the left side. Also, consider beginning at a slow pace. As you advanced with the movement, you can try speeding up.


Walking With Your Arms On Top Of Your Head

The movement may quite be odd. However, it will work up your heart rate, and it will put the challenge in your regular walk. Experts recommend that you consider speed walking as However, this may make you look quite funny. But, the movements will get you in shape fast.

Do Dips And Chest Presses On The Treadmill

The machine is not only intended to work your lower body. In fact, it can also help you develop your upper body strength. So, pros suggest that you do a few sets of chest presses and dips using the treadmill.

To perform a triceps dip on the equipment, you have to stand as you normally do on the treadmill. Next, you need to put your hands on the rails. Lean backward onto your heels. Then, bend your arms and try pushing up to the initial position.

To do the chest press, you need to use the handrails that will support you when you push up. Your wide stance will put more stimulation on your chest muscles.

All you need to do is to face backward on the treadmill. It will boost the difficulty level of your movements.

Hiking Uphill

Yes, you can walk backward on a treadmill. It only takes your focus, and you have to walk at a slow pace. But, it can develop your glutes, quads, and calves. All you have to do is to walk uphill forward and backward.

Then, you have to switch the movements every two minutes at the peak of the incline. You need to consider the speed of 3 forward and 2.5 backward.


Doing The Tabata Intervals

For a killer treadmill exercise, you have to try the Tabata Intervals. It will keep your treadmill experience on a whole different level.

But, you still need to warm up and set the device up to 12 percent incline. Then, you can increase the speed to run on the treadmill.

You have to perform at least 20 seconds on high-intensity sprinting by 10 seconds of the rest period. You have to repeat the whole process for 12 sets.

Experts claim that training with the Tabata method will increase your stride frequency and boost your total caloric output.


While there is nothing wrong if you like outdoor running, sometimes the unpredictable weather conditions ruin your plans. For people who wants to work out regularly, you must use a treadmill.

But, to spice things up, you need to follow the unique ways suggested above to reinvent your treadmill workouts. Whether you are a newbie or a pro runner, with the unique means of using the machine, your treadmill experience won’t be the same again!





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