Sometimes in life we get so down about the lack of belief from others in our corner. The continual desire to be appreciated and supported on our journey is a fundamental part of the risks we take, the choices we make and the pursuit of our own dreams. 

Unfortunately, often in life we do not receive the support and belief that we so desperately think we need. People are busy working on their own ideas, some don’t believe in yours, and some don’t want you to succeed. Though the latter is quite gloomy and can seem to be a bad thing, there is something much more significant to your success and wellbeing.

Here I’ll ask the question: Do You Believe In You?

 I’m not speaking about a mild, hope it works out kind of belief. I’m speaking about the type of belief that drives you to tackle the impossible, strive for the unthinkable, and pursue what everyone around you thinks to be pointless. This sense of irrational belief, knows no other way, leaves no room for doubt and motivates you beyond your usual capacity to press on, try again, and fail forwards. 

It’s a thin line between dormancy and achievement and it’s often that little bit of belief in you that can spell the difference. Yes it’s nice to be believed in, supported, encouraged, made aware that you’re on the right path, but, ultimately, if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, it will affect what you’re doing. If you’re hoping for a big break but don’t believe, you’ll most likely give up when you don’t hear the applause from your corner in dire times. Sometimes you have to clap for your damn self.

My advice to you today is to re-evaluate who you are. Start to believe in your identity first. Secondly check out what you invest your time on. Are you doing what you love? Lastly, never expect support and encouragement from outside of you, if you get it, it’s a bonus and don’t worry about what others think about you. If you don’t love from the praises of people you won’t die from the criticism of people.

There is a quote that reads: You’re never lonely if you love the one you’re alone with. Learn to love you, value you and believe in you. God made you uniquely special, as your manufacturer, only He knows your true worth.


Be of good courage.


This is not how your story ends.



W| By Steve Whyte                                                

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