2016 was all about copper, rose gold accents, marble smooth textures and flawless finishes, but what great design trends will 2017 have to offer? Here, we take a look at what promise to be the top 5 trends for 2017.

  1. Nature

We’ll be getting back to nature with shades of green, purple and orange, to create a soft friendly environment. Succulent plants, very popular in 2016, are here to stay and continue to be a reminder of the conscious and sustainable society we live in, growing each day. These muted shades and evergreen plants combine together to make a welcoming, calm environment and work together perfectly with the effortlessly minimalist trend, which is growing even bigger this coming year.

Evergreen In-spirels Home

  1. Minimalism

Minimalist style celebrates contemporary clean lines, both geometric and curvy, and uncluttered spaces. Neutral colours and textures add interest to minimalist spaces creating an inviting, yet tranquil place. 2016 style was minimalist and contemporary with smooth, flawless finishes; 2017 will see minimalist style take on a new lease of life with texture and experimental finishes.


  1. Raw And Primal Textures

Soft, high-shine metal, and smooth marble and granite are beautiful in look and texture, however interior designers are starting to experiment with raw and primal textures to give a space real depth and interest. Zinc, pewter, aluminium and tin are being explored and introduced to surface finishes and home accessories such as tableware and decorations. The moodier, artistic style of raw materials will give an honest, simpler approach to interior design; in contrast to the highly polished, refined interiors we have been used to in recent years.

Tin accessories

  1. Wooden Flooring

To match the trend of primal textures, exposed wood is going to be very much on trend this year. Hardwood Flooring is a durable, reliable flooring option that also looks great in any style of home. Whether contemporary or minimalist décor is your thing or you prefer a homely style filled with ornate features, wooden flooring makes a home feel warm and inviting, as well as being easy to clean and hardwearing.


  1. Old And New

For a while now, mixing the old with the new has been a style we’ve adored- and it’s pretty budget friendly too. Finding old, character pieces to fill our home, alongside modern and contemporary elements is nothing new, but 2017 will see the increase of contrast between styles and reinvention of industrial style furniture. Industrial furniture is set to become even more contemporary and abstract in shape. The finishes will still include exposed wood and raw iron, but we will see experimentation with raw materials to push the boundaries of industrial chic.

These styles show that 2017 interior design reflects our society waking up to the prospect that we need to embrace a more sustainable existence. We are straying away from some of the unnecessary and overproduced design trends and moving forward in an organic way. 2017 will feature a more honest, raw approach to design and the way we put rooms together – will it be part of your design strategy for 2017?

Old and new interiors





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