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New start-up Emma, is offering a solution to sleep deprived UK citizens and has launched its fastest selling mattress to the UK market which has already taken Europe by storm.

Sleep deprivation is no joking matter, it can damage your health, leading to higher risk of chronic health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, adversely affect your mood and can be a cause for depression. This is why investing in a good quality mattress should be on everyone’s priority list.

Health experts have long warned about the detrimental effect a lack of sleep can have on long term health. So, its concerning that according to Sleep Apnoea Trust survey, that found almost half of British women say they are not getting enough sleep and don’t feel well-rested when they wake up (48%). The survey also found that women are more likely than men to have trouble sleeping (46% versus 36%) and wake up during the night and not be able to get back to sleep.

Attempting to help provide a solution for this problem is not another pharmaceutical company, but Emma, founder Max Laarman as he aims to revolutionise how people purchase their mattress.

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Max Laarmann who said: “We want to help the people of the UK to get a great night’s sleep. With Emma, you are not simply buying a mattress, you are investing in much more, a great night’s sleep.

A lack of sleep can be seriously damaging to your health. Customers should have the opportunity to purchase a high-quality mattress for a fair price that they can test for 100 days without any risk of losing their money.  We offer exactly that with free delivery and a 10-year guarantee.”

The idea of purchasing a mattress can feel like an ordeal, trekking around from store to store with sales people pitching various mattresses with all sorts of claims. Waiting for delivery which is chargeable and then finding by the time you’ve tested out your new mattress It’s too late to change and your stuck with it.

Max had this exact experience which is why he founded Emma, to remove the complexity of the shopping process. Stepping away from the usual mass market production instead focusing on offering an authentic, high quality product.

Due to the significant high demand, many happy customers, having sold more than 40,000 mattresses, Emma has expanded and is offering of a great night sleep to Austria, Switzerland, Netherland, Poland, France and now the UK.

Emma is all about having a modern uncomplicated life so it’s should be no surprise that the one size fits all mattress that adapts to your weight and build is only available online and arrives in a box.

Manufactured in the UK, it offers four key innovative components, maximum adaptability through the optimised combination of a decompressing Hypersoft-layer, pressure-relieving pocket springs, visco-elastic memory foam and a supporting layer of cold foam.

5 Key characteristics:

  • A mattress made in the UK that fits to everyone
  • No different hardness grades
  • 100 days’ trial and full money back guarantee
  • Free delivery and return
  • 10-year guarantee

For more information visit: https://www.emma-mattress.co.uk

Prices start from: £349 depending on size.



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