I get tracks sent to me on a daily basis which suits me just fine because music is a major part of my life. I have often caught myself complaining that music just isn’t what it used to be and I have tended to delve back into my music collection and listen to tracks of old.

However, I was recently sent the debut track ‘So Good’ by Belgian artist Amery and was blown away. I honestly can’t get enough of the song. It is definitely a feel good track and is perfect for Summer.

Amery first developed his strong passion for singing and making music at the age of 5 after hearing the sounds of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’. After graduating from High School, he dedicated his time to pursuing his love for music and after hard work, perseverance and the support of his mother he was signed to W!G Music.


The result is this fantastic debut track which is a beautiful sound where RnB and modern pop collides. I’m pretty happy I received this email and now am waiting in anticipation to see the video and hear what else this young talent has in store.

Hear ‘So Good’ HERE
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W| By Sasha Shantel                                                

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