Oh Australia; the great southern land of everything surprising and extraordinary. The seasons are opposite of those in the northern hemisphere (the US and Europe), so the white Christmas is not a familiar concept. The country is home to more than 100 venomous snake species and many other dangerous animals, such as box jellyfish, bull shark and Sydney funnel web spider. The culture Down Under is so unique and specific that not even the decades of internet and globalization succeeded to alter it. And with all of that, laced with natural splendour, Australia never ceases to amaze with its knack for the beautiful.

Home Aussie Home


That combination of elegant and relaxed is also typical for Australian homes. Timeless and refined style is always the foundation, while some distinctive decor elements come into the picture much later. Since they’re surrounded by beautiful nature, they like to bring some of it inside, and who could blame them? Some of the main distinctions of an Australian home are layered decor (textures and light), free of clutter, with a touch of local culture (local arts and crafts), openness, and coastal elements.

The Sound of Australia


The traditional music of Australia is defined with the different cultures that created the nation – from Aboriginal instruments to European innovations. Today, Aussies love their musical icons, new ones as well as old ones. One of the most famous Australian folk songs “True Blue” is packed with local slang perfectly depicts the Australian way of life. And let us not forget the famous patriotic tune “Down Under”. Since then Aussies are continuously conquering the world with game changing and imaginative artists and bands, such as AC/DC, Bee Gees, Nick Cave, and recently Gotye.

Cuisine – a Bit of Everything


The mixture of cultures had to impact the cuisine too. Seafood, due to its availability, plays the starring role in traditional cuisine, but other simple “matehood” foods such as barbecue, beef and lamb are much more than just extras. There’s plenty of room on Aussie plate for Chinese, Indian, French, Italian, Turkish and every other cuisine that spark Australians’ interest – they’re not afraid to try something new.

Australia on Screen


Australian film industry strikes the perfect balance between overly-spectacular Hollywood blockbusters and European art dramas, so you’re guessing the adjective here is also laid back. Still, Aussies gave the world some of the best actors and actresses, from Errol Flynn and Peter Finch to Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett. Although people tend to forget, Australian filmmakers were at the forefront of movie industry and they created the first feature length film “The Story of the Kelly Gang”, and they still have and produce many films that can stand the test of time. They’re telling stories of life as it is, which makes them so long-lasting. The most distinctive characteristic of the Down Under film production is that even in the most “world-gone-wrong” stories, such as “Turkey Shot” you can find a glimpse of raw reality.

Fashion – Everything but Uniform


We all know that French have their je ne sais quoi when wearing their Breton shirts and berets, but what about Australians? Their style is more of a laissez faire approach, where each individual has its own fashion statement. Aussies love the online fashion shopping and Aussie women buy everything, from underwear to elegant formal dresses online. They enjoy laid back street fashion, but they’re no strangers to experimenting. Walking down the streets of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you’ll see a chic gentleman pairing the stripes on his tie and socks, or ladies rocking their fancy lace dresses with canvas shoes and denim jackets.

It is no wonder that Australia is constantly ranked among the first ten countries in the World Happiness Report. Australians have the ability to find beauty in the most ordinary things. Their prevailingly minimalistic style, especially in fashion and decor, enables them to enjoy the simplest aesthetic forms. To finish this story, we’ll quote one of the most impressive living Australians, Russell Crowe: “There’s an ease that I have living in Australia. The best things about Sydney are free: the sunshine’s free, and the harbour’s free, and the beach is free.”

W| By Claire Hastings

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