This Video titled “Child Free Holiday Destinations” talks about the various interesting holiday destinations suggested by On The Beach for all the singles and parents who want to spend their holidays this season away from children at some quite, relaxing place, enjoying the company of other adults.

If you are an adventure loving person, then Troodos Mountains is the best destination for you. It is the largest mountain range in Cyprus which is located roughly in the center of the island and stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus. There are several famous mountain resorts, monasteries and churches to visit on the mountain peak.

A jeep safari on Troodos Mountains is a definite must to visit the green heart of the island, where local traditions are still practiced. It would guide you throughout while exploring the scenic areas in Paphos, UNESCO churches, villages with tavernas and many more hidden gems.

Here you would get a chance to travel deep inside the island’s interior to see and experience forested landscapes and villages which are not often visited by average tourists.

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