Right move recently named Leigh-on-Sea as the Happiest Place to live in the United Kingdom after a recent national survey. In-spire LS Magazine decided to cordially pay a brief visit to the United Kingdom’s official Happiest Place to Live to find out if this traditional 22,000 populated civil parish town lives up to its new-found reputation of immense and universal happiness.

Upon first impression, the civil parish of Leigh-on-Sea offers a contrasting blend of contemporary and classic scenic views, particularly with its cascading rural coastline – overlooking Sheerness, Kent – underpinned with a bountiful plethora of yachts and boats, bohemian-esque throwback pavement within the vintage Old Leigh region, coupled alongside its pleasantly charming if unspectacular beaches and array of authentic maritime-based cuisines and eateries additionally ensconced within the yesteryear style of Leigh-on-Sea.

Elsewhere, escaping from the vastly hectic city life could not be more liberating, peaceful and carefree than a visit to Leigh-on-Sea and it is the quintessential stress relieving civil parish town in the United Kingdom complete with its methodically slow-paced approach, retiring population, puritan community spirit aura, positive outlook and uber-artistic essence which invariably eases all worries and cares behind for visitors.



Leigh-on-Sea was also named as the Safest Place To Live In the United Kingdom and the civil parish boasts credentials in being the town in which the Mayflower boat was constructed, hence a nearby classic-themed restaurant and brewery of the same name which pays homage to the legendary boat which landed on the shores of Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620; Leigh-on-Sea was also referenced in the Domesday Book.


Parking allocation is seemingly plentiful and accessible upon commuting and the nearest train station remains within mere walking proximity to Leigh-on-Sea’s storied maritime and relaxing coastal and boating culture, which is largely contrasting to the hustle and bustle, stress inducing capital which is commutable and affordable to escape from the city for the day for a more laid-back offering. Leigh-on-Sea proudly reveals itself as family friendly and forward thinking civil parish irrespective of its traditional mind-set, which is evident with an array of female fashion boutique stores, Parisian restaurants, art studios, galleries, classy wine bars and coffee shops situated on the more modern Broadway. The Leightonian residents more sophisticated tastes, sense of community and pleasant nature reinforced Right move’s national survey as the Happiest Place to live in the United Kingdom; the civil parish holds a distinct hipster haven.


A variety of avid cyclists, distant runners, skaters and even dog walkers of all ages found solace in leisurely undertaking physical activities along the traditional Old Leigh view – which holds borderline cultural virtues to Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton. Leigh-on-Sea’s overall tranquility and low crime rate adds to the humble mystique of this civil parish town and with a multitude of benches notably on the grass embankment overlooking the traditional part of the civil parish, it remains as an incentive in itself.

Overall, Leigh-on-Sea is an ideal one-day escape and ultimate stress reliever for Londoner’s who are baffled by fast-paced existence, major pressures and negative surroundings. The town offers a momentary escape from reality and serves a traditional maritime hub and a relative hidden gem of the Home Counties.

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