There was a time when wedding tradition was strictly adhered to and each family knew exactly what they would be responsible to pay so as to appropriate a budget for these things. Modern society may, to some degree, still respect these time-honoured customs but with the crazy world in which we live with finances often up in the air, the families of the bride and groom often agree amongst themselves who will pay for what. If the bride and her family agree to foot the cost of the honeymoon and they are on a somewhat limited budget, there are affordable honeymoon destinations that would perfectly suit a bride on a budget.

Suggestions for Adding Money to Your Honeymoon Budget

Wedding saving

Before looking at some of the most affordable honeymoon destinations, you might want to rethink ways in which you have allocated funds in other areas of your wedding. Tips on can help you find ways to cut down on the cost of wedding attire, the venue and other seemingly little expenses that quickly add up. A honeymoon is that idyllic time when the happy couple begins their life together as husband and wife and so if there is any way possible to add to this budget, they may be able to go places or do things they may not have had money for before.


Ireland Inspirels travel

Although you are living in the UK, how many times have you actually visited Ireland? Listed as one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations by Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Ireland just might provide you with a lovely place to spend some quality time together in those early days. As for affordable, much of the travel expense would be avoided because travel within the UK is affordable to residents with flights and ferries landing in the country daily.



While it might be out of your league to afford a honeymoon at a 5 star hotel in Paris or on the French Riviera, there are quaint little towns and villages scattered about the countryside that provide the perfect location for a romantic honeymoon. What country on earth has a reputation for romance like France? There isn’t one and the only other country that comes even close would be Italy, our next stop.



Being on the European continent it isn’t very expensive to travel to the country second only to France with a reputation of fostering romance. Just a quick ride across the channel and a hop on a train, and you’ll be in Italy the very same night and ready for a honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of. From the concierge at your hotel to the street vendors selling culinary delights, everyone knows the romantic hideaways you can enjoy on your stay in Italy.

If budget is a real issue, anywhere on the continent would be a suitable choice. If you’ve money to travel a bit then Thailand, Brazil and the Virgin Islands are highly suggested as affordable honeymoon destinations. However, once you’ve cut expenses elsewhere and reduced the amount you are spending on travel, you will find that you can have the honeymoon of your dreams even if it is in your own backyard in Ireland or France.




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