Is it wrong that I am thinking, of the person in my heart?
How do I tell her how I’m feeling? How do I even start?
A happiness that’s possible; that’s what I want to show
But will I ever be able? Will she ever know?

I long to have her near me, and hold her through the night
But would this be welcomed? Or would she turn in flight?
A mind that’s clear and clever; a wonderful sharp mind
This girl is truly amazing; a one in a million find

Her body toned and sculpted, a smile that lights up every room
I’d love to think that one day she’s my bride and I her loyal groom
But is it wrong to think this? To think so far ahead?
But how can I help how I feel? When it’s her inside my head.

There are times I feel like Midas – afraid to try to touch
But how can I resist my feelings, when I think of her so much?
These times are tough and fraught; lined with pure frustration
But I’d be hers all her life, for its long and happy duration

Maybe one day I could tell her, but by then it maybe too late
She may have flown beyond my grasp and found another mate
I’ve gazed upon her picture and focused upon its power
Its content beauty though more sweet; and greater than any flower

My mind is wandering, but in its contents; she’s the most prolific
I just want to grab the phone and say ‘hey babe – you’re terrific!
I want to make you happy and wash away your pain –
I just want you to know I’m there for you and you can smile again

I’ll make sure each day, you’ll never feel unloved
As you give me such feelings, as soft as the wings of a dove
I just want you to know, the way you make me feel
The feelings make me warm inside and feel so very real

These things are always with me – she’s always in my head
I want her every day within my life and at night within my bed
I want her now and every day and these feelings are growing more
But how do I tell this angel – that it’s her that I adore?


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W| By Gareth Long

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