Listen when he speaks girl, open your eyes and ears girl,
Hear the lies in his truths girl,
He knew girl,
Holding you heart on his fingertips girl,
He let it fall into his shoes girl, and he trampled on it when he walked girl,
When he walked towards her girl,
The squeaks in his steps made no difference girl,
He already knew he weren’t gonna be with you girl,
And so he rode you around town like a bicycle girl,
Every corner you turned girl.
Your peached orange butterfly wings got chipped girl,
Don’t you see girl,
He aint ready for you girl,
He used you girl,
Let his hands claw all over you like a Cheshire cat girl,
Open your legs and his eyes devoured your fruits girl,
All along he said you were just cool girl,
And when you asked him if you were beautiful girl,
He said to recreate your beauty he would fail girl,
Because God created a masterpiece with star qualities girl,
Yet the truth he uttered were your lies girl,
Pain and sorrow your Ben and Jerrys girl,
Wrapped in clover leaves your soul laid on coals girl,
He don’t want you girl,
Can’t you see you gave him power girl,
Walking away with who you are freely girl,
He doesn’t even realise he is foolish girl,
And you, you need to put your chin up girl,
Can’t no man make a fool of a queen girl,
Believe that girl.

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W| By Olakumbi Akiwumi

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