What does being fashionable really mean? Following the latest trends blindly? Not really. It’s great when you know what is trendy this season and rush to the first store to refresh your wardrobe; however, keep in mind that you don’t want to end up looking exactly like everybody else. For this reason, it’s of the utmost importance that you add your personal touch. For example, a classic look is what the majority is striving to achieve, but let’s take a look at how you can inject fun into it and make it more personal.

There is nothing better than a nice scarf to add some colour to your classic look, particularly if your outfit is monochromatic. No matter whether you go for a cotton or silk one, choose a scarf which will express your personality the best, and feel free to go crazy when choosing a pattern. Our personal favourite is a floral design since it can really bring life to your appearance and make you look absolutely chic.

Scarves for ladies CollageIf you want to look really classy, but at the same time add some fun to your look, is exactly what you need. Classic silver and gold watches are particularly popular this season, although you won’t make a mistake if you go for a black one as well. It’s important that you choose the one that you’ll be comfortable with. We particularly recommend that you go for an oversized watch, which is truly overhyped this season, and which will make your classic outfit more interesting.

Fashionable wristwatches for men

Statement jewellery has been popular has been popular for quite some time. And, if we consider how well it goes with all combinations, from the relaxed to those classier ones, you won’t be surprised. Another great thing about statement jewellery is that just one piece will do the trick. So, if you want to inject some fun into your classic look, go for a colourful statement necklace. And, if you’re not sure what colour would be your best choice, feel free to consult the always-accurate the always-accurate Pantone’s predictions.  According to them, the spring season is the best time to incorporate Greenery into your look. However, you can be even bolder and opt for Flame, Pink Yarrow or Primrose Yellow.

Statement jewellery for ladies Collage

Accessories for men

When someone says “accessories”, the first thing that comes to our mind are women’s accessories. However, this is just our misconception, since men should accessorise as well. For example, nothing can add a flare to a man’s look as successfully as stylish sunglasses by famous designers such as Thom Browne, which you can find at SSENSE, the online retailer for luxury clothing. This accessory will make you appear very sophisticated without looking too serious, since sunglasses are the best choice if you’re pursuing a more laid-back style. Additionally, feel free to opt for a colourful frame since it will emphasize your wild side and show everyone how fun and outgoing you are.

Accessories for men Collage

Bags for him and her

Finally, a nice bag is always welcome no matter whether we talk about men or women. Ladies are particularly crazy about them since are not only practical, but also serve as a great accessory. So, if you like to dress classy, break loose from the monotony and go for a fun handbag. For example, instead of matching its colour with your shoes, create a contrast and opt for some bold colours such as bright yellow or orange. Keep in mind that age doesn’t play a role here; so, even if you’re not in your twenties or thirties, this doesn’t mean you should stick to dull and dim colours only. The same goes for men. Feel free to experiment and find a bag that will show both your professional and playful side.

Bags for him and her Collage

As you can see, making your classic look more fun is a piece of cake. You just need to incorporate the right details. Furthermore, don’t forget to add a personal touch as well since nothing is worse than looking exactly like everybody else.




 W| By Elise Morgan

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