Yes, this two phrases are exactly the same but the way in which they are thought of and expressed are polar opposites of each other; this can lead to experiencing two completely different days.
With Irritation “It’s another day,” is something most of us have sighed at one point or another, perhaps filled with emotion of yesterday, thinking that today will be exactly the same even before you have stepped out of bed! Maybe you have done your day’s forecast in five minutes reminding yourself of the tasks you’re dreading that then that drains all the excitement for the possibilities that could be in this day. Or maybe you are just struggling today and already want this day to be over.

However these thought processes which you’re having can start the domino effect for the rest of your day, reflecting your thoughts in your actions. The thought that “It is just another day,” could result in the minimal effort being given and in turn produces poor outcomes, if any, which only makes you feel worst! As if this is not enough rain for today- the communications and relations with others, then also suffer. Thoughts can be reflected in speech, being unconscious of the implications that words have. Therefore how one responds to you may change, leaving you brimmed with questions, such as “Why are they acting like that?” “What on earth has got their back up?” “What did I do so wrong?” With this, your mood worsens, feeling a prisoner in your reality- a reality that you have created. Then, when you recline for the evening, your summary of the day is “yep, as expected today was just as I thought it would be.” The next day then begins with the same opening title of “Another day,” coming with the same thoughts, the same mood, the same amount (or less) effort given, the same manner and tone towards others- who have enough courtesy to re-engage in your company again, the same suffering of relations occurring, the same unhelpful thoughts and the same summary at the end of your day. This cycle will keep spinning onto the next day and the day after that and the day after that and so on.
Or could “Another day” be a short commentary connoting wonder and excitement, filled with eagerness and intrigue as to how this day will unravel. We all have moments (big or small, long or short) in our lives where the darker times seems to overshadow the light and any possibility for something new and fun is disregarded. However, if you are to take on the latter synonyms of “Another day,” you might find that the fact that there is “Another day” gives you another chance to try something again- but with more experience-, to try something new, to do that thing you keep putting off, to be kind to yourself and gives you another chance to block out the repetitive monologue of your mind that keeps you in yesterday’s thinking. “Another day” is a new day. A new day welcomes new opportunities, new starting points, new thinking points, new ways of moving through the situation you find yourself in, new conversations, new possibilities of connections. Everything is new, or reviewed in a new light.
Although, this way is thinking is hard. Hard to pick up and hard to maintain. We live in chaotic world. A world of forever striving to be our best and to do things that we think that will make us happy. But, really… will it? Or will this be for external happiness- for outside validation. In order to be joyous in the welcoming of “Another day” we have to ask ourselves what makes us internally happy? Although just because the concept of being lively about “Another day” is perhaps difficult to embrace, does not make it unachievable. It could mean changing or adding something small to your day, so that there is something(s) in your day to make you, look forward to the day or just give you that little lift. It could be as simple as choosing a different breakfast, wearing something new, changing your commute route, walking on the different side of the road and exploring what display of flowers it has to offers. Or these changes could be a little boulder and a little braver by saying no to things that you don’t want to do and not feeling guilty about it, by distancing yourself from those things that weigh you down, by finally doing that thing you kept put off or by facing a fear. These changes may not be revolutionary or mean that your day will be a perfect dream, but it may cause a sense of light in your day. With this, you may class this day as “Another exciting day,” due to your discoveries!! Hooray! You have done it! You have captured the joyousness in “Another day” and have even added and inspiring adjective-go you!! This positive mind-set will likely be picked up by others, which will make them want to stay and be part of your another day, another day which will remembered for all its unexpected wonders you explored!!
So we have two choices of how we will face the day, but it is up to us what we want the day to bring!! Will “Another day” be warmly welcomed by you??





W| By Rebecca Sullivan                                                                Via #BeINspired

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