When they said that life was a roller coaster they wasn’t kidding. I say this statement with immense honesty as I have definitely found the transition from adolescence to adulthood very difficult. I have struggled with my career path, my finances, the development of my goals, my personal friendships; to be quite frank the list is endless. However, when I turned 30; I made the conscious decision to focus on my happiness. Too often we wait for certain things to happen before we feel we can be happy.

When I get a new job, I will be happier, when I travel abroad more; I will be happier, when I move house or get a new car or get into a new relationship; I will be happier. However, what I have come to find is that if you wait for things to happen before you begin to feel happier; the feeling will never come. You will always be one of those people who focus, on what you haven’t got and what hasn’t happened.

Life is too short to compare yourself to others or to spend time dwelling on what has not taken place. I have without a doubt learned this the hard way. Though, through this learning process; I have recognised the key factors which make me happier and overall heighten my mood. Now of course, this won’t work for everyone. But, if you can find something positive from it; that’s what counts the most; there is vast power in paying positivity forward.

1.      Listen To Music

Listening to music

I listen to music every single day. Of course, sometimes life becomes hectic and it can often feel impossible to make time to listen to tracks. However, with the development of technology; it has become so much easier to listen to music on the move. Often people associate listening to music on a portable device like an I-pod or via their phones as something that is only done when in the gym or going for jog. Though, simply taking 10 minutes out of your day to listen to your favourite songs will not only heighten your mood but will lift your spirits.

2. Write Down Your Goals and Read Them Daily


How many of us are guilty of setting goals for our day, week, month or long term goals. However, fail to read them through as a reminder of the commitments we have made. Nothing is more important than setting goals and working at achieving them daily. I have learned over time that it is vital to set daily goals which are achievable. That way when you complete them it will both empower and inspire you to push forward onto dealing with the bigger ones. Once you recognise what you have achieved already, it will enable you to continue working towards your bigger vision and will ensure you don’t become to deflated if things go off course or take longer than you initially anticipated. We’ve all been there.

3.  Exercise


I know you already know the basic facts when it comes to exercising. Physical activity gives off the chemicals endorphin’s which make you happier and more energetic.  As an addition, exercising will make you feel good about your day. There have been times where I have felt that a day has been wasted because I haven’t achieved all the things I have wanted to do.  Nonetheless, after completing a sessions of exercise; particular high-impact or cardio exercises; I have found that my mood has immediately been enhanced. When it comes  to exercising, you don’t have to go to the gym to begin to implement these positive changes into your life. It can be something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift, or getting off your stop a few stops earlier and walking the rest of the distance. Making small but vital changes will ensure you feel better about your day.

4. Keep a Gratitude Book/Journal


What are you thankful for today? Sometimes with the challenges the present themselves, it is difficult to focus on what good is taking place within your life. However, you must realise that even when it feels like everything has gone wrong; there is still something to be thankful for.  The things you are thankful for may seem small like, having a bed, or having money to buy food or it may be of more greater value like being thankful for friends and family or for having a home. The list of things you may be thankful will be endless and the more you read it back; the more you will recognise that you have a vast amount to be happy about. If you choose to focus on the good, bigger and better things will come to you. I’m beginning to realise that there is great power in the law of attraction. You do really get back what you put out.

5.  Visit Friends


It’s extremely important to build up a circle of friends who support you and are there to lend a helpful ear. Catching up with your friends and having a laugh or going out to a social function can really lighten your load and put you in good mood. Simply sharing the latest gossip or sharing your aspirations with your nearest and dearest can really make a major difference to how you feel. I have been making a conscious effort to meet up with a number of my friends and the action alone has helped to make me feel happier and more optimistic.

6. Watch a Funny Film

watch a comedy

Nothing beats a good comedy! I have a selection of typically corny films that I turn to when I’m feeling a little low or under the weather. A comedy will not only leave you forgetting what upset up but will also help you to focus your attentions on other things outside of yourself an your situation; whatever it may be.

7. Speak Life Into Yourself

Use an affirmation

I know this may seem a bit wild but I’m actually referring to saying affirmations and positive words to yourself. This will not only make you feel happier but will help you to build your confidence and self-esteem. If you are stuck for where to source positive words/affirmations check out some of my favourite HERE



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