Kill them with kindness is a well-known saying with just this meaning: In all things, just do good. When someone does something that hurts or stabs us in the back, we instantly go into a way of thinking on how to pay them back, but instead, why not forgive them and move on? Indeed, it’s easier said than done. Yet, the truth is; when it really comes down to it when you hold contempt and anger about someone else in your own heart, you are the one who is left the most affected. It kills your spirit and destroys the intricacies of what makes you, you.

Obviously, this will not happen overnight—you will experience pain, especially if it’s by someone that you have trusted. But this doesn’t mean you also need to reciprocate the same actions.

Kindness is the best weapon because it is something that is often unexpected. If someone has done something cruel to you and in return you show them back is sincerity and goodwill—all they will remember is the bad that they did to you. I like to keep in mind that when it really comes down to it; karma is your best friend and your greatest tool so leave it to that.

Do Good inspirels

Remember that the world is round—anything that you do to someone will come back to you—not only to the people that you know, but even to the people that you don’t know—an encouraging word, a smile, a helping hand—there will be a time where the good that you have done will be remembered in your time of need and will be able to speak for you.

Do not worry about what that person did to you in the past—yes, it may be painful and hard to forget, but as long as you can overcome it and continue to do good, good things will continuously gravitate towards you, and that is better than anything else!

As we enter into 2016, try your hardest to strive for personal strength by pushing past negative vibes and focusing on the good.


Happy New Year To You All.






W|By Diana Nortey                                                               #BeInspired

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