It’s only been four months into the new year and things have already been very hectic (in a positive way of course) for the In-spire LS Magazine team.With a whole host of events, festivals and interviews lined up over the coming months; we thought it would best to highlight some of the standout events which have taken place.

Last Saturday, two of the In-spire LS team members; Editor Sasha Shantel and COO (Chief Operating Officer) Dean Perretta began their monthly residency appearing as guests on the phenomenal and super talented presenter Antonia Jones Saturday Breakfast Show.

The team was asked about how In-spire LS Magazine started, our views on the latest entertainment news and shared some inspirational tracks to help listeners have an even more positive start to the day.

The positive energy between the three was amazing and marked a start of an ongoing partnership.


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We’ll be back at Phoenix FM on Saturday 6th May 2017 from 8:30am



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