Getting stuck in to a home improvement project can be incredibly fun, and the results are very rewarding. Changing the spaces you live in can even effect on the way you live, so it’s important to know what you’re doing before drilling into a wall or ripping up the floor. Here are some ideas about projects to try, as well as advice on how to do it properly.

One of the easiest ways to completely revitalise a stale space is with a good lick of paint. Rooms can look completely different depending on what colour you go for. Bright whites work well in bathrooms, but can look clinical in bedrooms. Current trends are pointing towards ditching traditional neutral colours for more interesting alternatives, such as pale sunshine yellow or terracotta brown. Even just painting old furniture can be invigorating, as it breathes new life into boring storage solutions like bookcases or shelves.

If you’re painting something for the first time, make sure to follow all the steps you need to make it a success. Put down a primer to prepare wood or MDF for painting, add a topcoat for items which will get a lot of wear, and remember that different materials may need different types of paint. A specialist supplier like Paints4Trade is the best place to pick up supplies as they’ll be able to help with any queries.

Know your paints

Think Outside The Walls

Adding flare to the outside of your home can be just as exciting as improving the inside. If you’re the type to put up Christmas lights every year, then you’ll already know how small changes can make your house all the more impressive from the outside. Adding a new sign, potted plants, or even planting up your garden can help make your house look more elegant. Paths running to your front door, lined with trees, are elegant and surprisingly low maintenance once the initial work is done.

When picking out outdoor decorations, make sure they are suitable for all weathers and designed to deal with rain. Hardwearing materials like wood and stone are ideal, as are paints produced for outdoor use. Installing outdoor lighting can also make your exterior pop – just make sure to read instructions on products and secure them firmly.

garden paths

Store Your Clutter

Sleek, minimalist lines are what make houses look stylish and they have evergreen appeal. While knick-knacks can add a sense of homeliness to a room, too many can be gaudy. Store clutter in shelving units or cupboards to keep them out of sight, or buy something that matches the theme of your rooms: woven baskets, sleek boxes or back-of-door hangers each have their own place.

If you’re putting up shelving units, make sure to find the wooden framing within the walls – don’t try and put up shelves in drywall! Spirit levels make sure your unit will be straight too. It’s important not to mess up with something that’s going to be on show in your house: work slowly, and you’ll have some handiwork to be proud of.




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