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Equipping your home with multipurpose furniture can save you space, money and add purpose to your interior pieces. Here’s how to add multipurpose items to your home…

It’s great to be able to invite friends over to stay, but what happens if you don’t have a spare room? For many of us the solution is giving your guests the sofa to sleep on, but swapping your standard sofa for a sofa bed could be the answer you are looking for.

Having a sofa bed doesn’t mean having to compromise on interior style. There are loads of style choices and colours available in sofa beds and is definitely something worth considering next time you upgrade your sofa.



Sofa Beds In-spirels magazine


Useful Storage

Free up your wardrobe and kitchen drawers by choosing furniture with inbuilt storage. Beds with underbed drawers are a perfect example of furniture with purpose, enabling you to make use of space which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to use.  Other good examples include TV stands and coffee tables with drawers for the living room and vanity units for freeing up space in your bathroom.


Beds with understorage in-spirels magazine

Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs are a great piece of multi-purpose furniture that provides both comfort and convenience. If you’re feeling tired, then why not recline back, relax and have a nap? If you’re looking for somewhere to store a bottle of water and TV remote then you’ll be pleased to know that some reclining chairs come with cup holders and storage compartments. For extra comfort, some recliner chairs even come with heat and massage functionality. If you’re looking for a multipurpose seating option, then take a look at the recliner chairs from Fenetic Wellbeing.


Recliner chairs in-spirels magazine


Cork Walls

Cork walls can be a useful addition to your home office or kitchen. Cork walls have been predicted as a big interior trend for 2017 as well as on trend they’re also really useful for pinning notes and letters to in your home so it’s a win win!


Cork walls in-spirels magazine


Under the Stairs Bathroom

The space under your stairs can sometimes be wasted, but it has so much potential. Yes, you could have an under the stairs cupboard built which is great for storage, but have you considered having an under the stairs bathroom? Sometimes these small spaces can be just the right size for a toilet and sink and they are ideal for when guests are visiting, saving them a trip upstairs!


Under the stairs bathroom in-spirels magazine

Ironing Board and Mirror

Our next selection is proof that there are some great innovative ideas out there which add purpose. How about an ironing board and mirror – it’s exactly as it sounds, an ironing board that doubles up as a mirror!

They’re available online and are ideal where storage cupboards are limited!

Here are just some of the ways in which multipurpose items around your home can make things more comfortable and convenient for you. There’s loads of great innovative ideas out there so it’s definitely worth bearing in mind on your next shopping trip.

Ironing Board combo in-spirels magazine



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