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Our gadgets have now become an essential part of 21st century living. Whether it’s playing games on a smartphone, watching a box-set hit on a tablet, or even staying in shape with the latest wearable tech, there seems to be few things that our gadgets can’t do. So here’s a look at which gadgets could be keeping us entertained throughout 2017.

Apple iPhone 8

Iphione 8


OK so it probably won’t be released until September at the earliest, but that doesn’t stop us scouring the internet for rumours of what will mark the ten year anniversary of the iPhone! Whether it will feature wireless charging, no ‘home’ button, or bring back the headphone jack is anybody’s guess. But as long as we’re still able to take selfies, play games and chat with friends with ease, we’re sure that Apple will make us proud once more!

Samsung Galaxy S8


For those who aren’t part of the Apple tribe, then Samsung’s soon to be released Galaxy S8 smartphone provides a fantastic alternative. Although the details surrounding the device are still scarce, it’s expected to be another powerful mobile that will make watching movies and updating social media a real breeze. And with some pretty cool colours lined up, it could be this year’s essential tech fashion accessory!

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus


Despite having a pretty ugly name, the upcoming Lenovo tablet looks to be a dream for anyone looking to upgrade their tablet in 2017. With a very powerful processor and a lovely Full HD display, it’ll make sure that those box-set TV hits really come to life. And seeing as the majority of those who use tablets use the device to play games, it’s good to see that Lenovo have ensured that their gadget is perfectly adapted for mobile games, especially the online casino games like slots or roulette which are some of the most popular games.

Fitbit Blaze

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But life isn’t all about casino games and TV hits, as there’s plenty of wearables out there that will be looking to keep up in shape throughout the year. And the best of the bunch has to be the very stylish Fitbit Blaze. Many people use the brand’s activity trackers as a way of counting their steps, but this innovative smartwatch also allows you to change music, check your notifications and carry out a range of other functions that shows just how advanced our gadgets will be getting in 2017!



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