With mobile devices fast becoming the most preferred way of accessing the web, it is small wonder that there has been a huge surge in mobile app development. Literally, thousands of apps are launched every day across a mind-boggling spectrum of subjects. However, most of them fail to set the users on fire and die a very quick death. The principal reasons are the lack of value and poor quality of user experience. Some insights into how to develop exciting apps:

Understand User Requirement and Motivation Really Well

It is perfectly okay to use your own interests and passions as a starting point for app development; indeed you’re likely to be more successful. However, do keep in mind that the app is for users, and it needs to deliver really good value to them if they are to choose it over the competition. This makes it imperative for you to understand very well what it is that users are looking for and the motivations that influence such need. Once you are able to appreciate this, you will be able to design a solid foundation for the app development besides a user experience that will keep them smiling.

Remember Convenience Is Everything

When you are developing a mobile app, your only concern should be whether it will make the lives of users more convenient. It is often very easy to lose sight of the actual objective when you get bogged down by technology issue. If you hope that your app will be at least reasonably successful, then adopt a human-centric design, which essentially means that you should put yourself in the shoes of the user and figure out how the app should perform and look. The most successful app development companies in Mumbai are able to emulate real life concerns and the operating environment and deliver a rich user experience.

Do One Thing Very Well

During the initial phase of the app design, there is a tendency of developers to run amok and try to embed as many features as they can think of,hoping that at least one of them will click with the user. This is simply the worst approach that you can take because invariably you will have bitten off more than you can chew and all the deliverables will be substandard. Think about one single purpose for the app and go all out to achieve it. Do not give multiple options to the user as that is sure to confuse.


Even though it seems that everybody is using smartphones, it does not automatically mean that they know how to use the device very well. This means that the mobile app should be designed to have a very simple and intuitive interface so that even the inexperienced can master it very easily. One good way of establishing its usability it to see how someone who is not very smartphone-savvy is able to navigate it and get his work done. Make sure that the app works equally well across devices and platforms.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a marketing specialist who consults with some of the best known app development companies in Mumbai. In his free time, he writes guest blogs for various tech blogs.



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