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I have always been a fan of chinese cuisine and can proudly say that I’ve probably eaten in over 200 restaurants in the UK alone! What’s phenomenal about chinese food in particular is how diverse each dish can be; depending on where you go.

I had heard a great deal about The Royal China Group before being given the opportunity to review their restaurants. Having started their journey back in 1996; the then small restaurant is now based within the UK and internationally and have built up a strong reputation of offering exceptional tasting experiences and customer service and satisfaction to match.

I originally wanted to review one of their bigger chains as I had read extensive and detailed reviews on them. However, always seeking to be a little different; I accepted the invitation to review the tiny and intimate settings of Royal China, Fulham.

On approaching the restaurant; it looks like any other eatery on the high-street and Fulham does boost quite an impressive high street; yet, Royal China doesn’t stand out initially.

However, upon venturing in, I was met by polite and professional staff who led me to table. I am very much a private eater and would have much preferred to have been seated away from other people as I like to fully immerse myself in my food and my overall experience. Nonetheless, I was sat on a comfortable table with a direct view of a beautiful mural on the wall; a perfect addition to what was going to be a very fulfilling meal.

1. Royal China - New Mural

Royal China 3

I tried very hard to venture out of my ‘comfort zone’ and what that means is choosing something from the menu that I wouldn’t normally get as unfortunately; I have to admit once I like one meal in one place, I will continuously request it in another and another and another.

Therefore, I allowed my guest to choose our dishes.

We ordered a scrumptious concoction of phenomenal cuisine which consisted of Satay Chicken, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Szexhwan Prawn, Chicken with Black Bean Sauce and Steamed Rice. An extra nice feature was being given small nibbles of nuts and melon pieces before we sat down to the main meal.

Royal China 2

Royal China 4

Royal China 5

Royal China 6


Every inch of my meal was cooked to perfection, the meats succulent, the rice just right. As the evening progressed the waiting staff became that more forthcoming with pleasantries and did everything they could to ensure our visit was a pleasurable one.  Our meal was washed done by a rather sweet white wine and freshly squeezed orange juice.

My only regret was that I was unable to order a dessert as I was too full from the starter and main courses. Nonetheless, Royal China offer a wide range of desserts to suit all palettes and I am sure they would have not failed to impress.

Royal China 1

If you are looking for a cosy and intimate space to eat fine chinese cuisine in a trendy location at a reasonable cost; Royal China Fulham is definitely the hot spot you need to venture to.

**** out of 5.


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