Dresses are one of our most valued assets. Right from the early days when dresses like the Saris, Kilt, Togas and Sarong were prominent, humans have always had a love affair with their dress.

Even as uncut sheets with pins to hold them together, these dresses were special and held many treasured memories for a lot of females. However, it was not until the 20th century, before we experienced the biggest transition in dressing especially in women fabrics. Ever since then, the fashion industry has been booming.

The difficulty of choosing the perfect outfit

Although, there are variety of dresses available these days, choosing a successful dress for a particular occasion is a big problem for many people. If you are anywhere near “fashionable”, then you will probably have this difficulty from time to time. Even the biggest boobs and perks have to be celebrated in a well fitted dress. So the challenge is not really in your natural features, but in the kind of dress you pick to highlight these endowments so that they are noticed and appreciated.

Five pieces of advice to help you get it right

So how do you choose the perfect dress that will not only fit your body type but also match the occasion? Here are five tips to help you out.

  • If you’ve a full backside, then choose dresses that are very close to or exactly at your knee level. However, if you’re apple shaped, then go for dresses with drop waist or an empire
  • When buying any type of Jean you are not sure of the size, always go for the smaller size, since it will stretch after two or three watches.
  • Use scarves to add class and style to your outfit. They are one of the cheapest accessories you can use to achieve sophistication.

  • When buying new clothes, make sure you feel comfortable in them and they fit every angle of your body.

  • Use belts to make you waist thinner and your behind more attractive. Choose a belt that has a different material from your outfit.




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