Recording Artist Diives unveils inspirational brand new single entitled “Anxiety” which positively promotes and champions mental health awareness. The sincerely authentic mental health-inspired record with a cause is profoundly universal both sonically and lyrically, whereas the underlying theme of the highly motivational track sublimely provides essential reassurance to individuals around the world currently weathering the unfairly stigmatized fight of mental health complications.

Diives – who is from a very small town with fewer opportunities – unequivocally witnesses “Anxiety” firmly exuding the artists utmost optimism and bold hope for those who aim to achieve personal improvement and growth in life via music irrespective of the many internal challenges of harrowing anxieties and mental health-related illnesses.

People are finally talking about anxiety, depression and other mental health problems and this track (“Anxiety”) was written to share some personal experiences on the subject. The song has a raging undercurrent because when anxiety takes control it is unbelievably frustrating! The line ‘When the night’s bleed into a long old year or so…’ was in relation to waking up one day and realising that a big chunk of life was missing because of anxiety. You can feel a lot of guilt for not making any positive moves when you’re feeling anxious, but people should feel good that they’re reaching out to people, getting the help they need and looking after themselves. All the other stuff can come later.” commented Diives about brand new mental health-inspired single “Anxiety“.

Diives “Anxiety” exquisitely encompasses a multitude of musical genres from United Kingdom’s popular grime sound married with indie and urban ballad sensibilities to create an anthemic track on a subject matter and theme often eluded within both society and within the lyrical context of recording artists in the contemporary music industry.

The majestically triumphant “Anxiety” is a well-crafted mental health-inspired record which could not have arrived at a more convenient time in society. The well-documented stigma of mental health is slowly but surely being vanquished with a pertinent and poetically poignant release in that of the unpretentiously heartfelt “Anxiety”.

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