I have recently started to think more about children and how difficult it currently is to be a child. Social Media and Reality TV has been the culture for which many young children have grown up in the midst of and sadly many children aspire to become sight becoming a reality TV star as their only career aspiration.

I am a strong believer that children should have the right to be just that; children. They should be given the opportunity to revel in their innocence and dream of becoming anything and everything they want. As children, our mind is limitless and we don’t know nor recognise what limitations are.

This is why I am particularly in love with the debut children’s book ‘Riley Can Be Anything’ by Davina Hamilton. This inspiring rhyming story follows the young child Riley who explores all the wonderful careers he could pursue when you grows up. With the help of his older cousin Joe, Riley is taken through the possible paths he can take and is helped to realise that there are no limits to what he can do and achieve; he can actually be anything he sets his mind to.

These are the type of stories that we should be giving to the younger generation coming up. Society too often perpetuates how and what younger children should aspire to. The positive message needs to be relayed that whatever they can dream, they  can undoubtedly become.

This amazing book comes complete with colourful and vibrant imagery by Elena Reinoso and helps bring Davina Hamilton’s characters to life.

“Riley Can Be Anything” is currently available via a host of international retailers including Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


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