Not many reality TV stars can say that they have a solid fan base of over 500,000 followers made up of official website subscribers, Facebook and TWITTER followers. But the star of the US hit show ‘The Real Housewives of New York’, Jill Zarin is not your average reality star. Wife, mother, motivational speaker, active charity worker and entrepreneur to name but a few. Somehow in her busy schedule, In-spireLS were able to grab 10 minutes of Jill’s time to get the lowdown on her latest clothing line, what drives her and what new developments she has in the pipeline now her stint on the hit show is over. Enjoy!

We were disappointed to learn that you will not be a part of the next series of the Real Housewives of New York however, it is evident that you have only just began when it comes to your business plans and commitments. In your opinion, what would you say you have taken from your time on the show?

Experience is what I took from my time on the show. The experience taught me a lot about myself.

Your appeal as an entrepreneur has expanded due to you having so many diverse projects and initiatives on the go. How do you manage to keep on top of all your ventures?

I have a great support system without them I wouldn’t be able to do many of the things I’m doing. Support counts for everything!

Although, there is a mass increase of women who are becoming major players within the business world. Women still do have to face a great deal of adversity. Have you come up against any opposition in business because of your sex? If yes, how have you dealt with this? If no, why do you think this is?

No, and I’m surprised you asked that I think a lot of my success is because I’m a woman.

We received the press pack for your brand new clothing brand ‘Skweez Couture’ which is described as ‘fashionable’ and sexy body shape wear. With there being a number of shape wear items on the consumer market. Why did you choose to release a brand of shape wear and what would you say makes your shape wear standout from the competition?

My shape wear is very modern, and it looks modern I’ve added lace and I also offer leggings and tights. Also another difference in my shape wear is the colors that are offered many do not offer tone matching garments and mine does. I put a lot into the line for example the high waisted garments do no roll down when you sit down and we offer 3 levels of tightness many consumers don’t wear shape wear because it’s too tight to the point of being uncomfortable.

What is the thinking behind the name of the collection?

Because whenever we take pictures instead of saying cheese we say squeeze, for squeeze it all in! (Laughs)

Many people do not realise how much you do for charity and the contribution you have made to a number of charitable organisations. How important is your charity work to you?

It’s very important so important that I don’t feel the need to speak about it I just do it.

Recently you released your debut book ‘Secrets of a Jewish Mother’ with you mother Gloria Kamen and your sister Lisa Wexler. Why did you decide to write a book and for all our In-spireLS readers who are not knowledgeable about your book, what is it about?

The book was written by my sister who is a phenomenal writer and it’s all the things we’ve learned from my mother. She is responsible for making both of us into the women we are today.

What in-spires you most within your life?

My mother, she is the inspiration behind everything.

What ventures or plans are you cooking up as we approach 2012?

I will be making three major announcements but I can’t say too much, just keep an eye out on key developments.


Thank you Jill for answering our questions, please round them off by completing these sentences……

I am at my happiest when…I’m snuggled up in the bed with my husband my dog and my daughter.
I am most passionate about…helping others.
Life is about…waking up every morning and having fun.
When I focus I can…accomplish anything.
Three words that best describe me are……. connector, vivacious and great friend.
Self love can…give you the confidence to do anything.
I am a ‘Wonderwoman’  because…of my mother she is the smartest woman I know and I’ve learned everything from her.


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