Not many people can say that they have been nominated for not one but two MOBO awards. But DJ Sarah Love is the ONLY female DJ to have received this recognition. First coming to prominence within the London clubbing scene, DJ Sarah Love rose up the ranks to become one of the UK’s most successful female DJ’s to date. Her journey to the top hasn’t been plain sailing however, her persistence, drive and determination has seen her tour with some of the worlds hottest talents including Wu-Tang, KRS-1, The Roots and many more. Read our exclusive interview with Sarah to find out how she got into DJing, what role she played in the launch of MTV Base in Africa, what in-spires her and how she feels to be the confirmed DJ for Aloe Blacc’s official UK tour in December.

Sarah, firstly congratulations on being confirmed as Aloe Blacc’s official DJ on his impending UK tour. How did this happen and how excited are you about this impending project?

I’m super excited! I coincidentally DJ’ed with Aloe Blacc and Maya Jupiter in Stockholm and Gothenburg earlier this year (Shouts to Swedish Gangster), then they invited me to be the official DJ for this new tour. I’m so happy for Aloe and everything he’s achieving at the moment. He and the band ‘The Grand Scheme’ are really bringing it too so y’know, I’m honoured to be part of the tour. It’s gonna be a hardcore schedule but I’m looking forward to it!

You began to raise your profile on the DJ scene by performing sets on local promoter Kung Fu’s renowned hip-hop nights. Your work rate was further enhanced by gaining shows on some of London’s community stations, which built up a reputation of supporting the best in up and coming artists within the UK and across the Atlantic. How did you get involved in these projects and how did they help you to take your career to the next level?

Friends I went to school with started ‘Kung Fu’ and invited me to be a resident DJ, which is when the Hip-Hop element began. Over the years, ‘Kung Fu’ grew and established a strong reputation for dope events with the best artists and y’know, I didn’t want to be shown up by the boys on stage! I wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with them so I took my DJing seriously. Through that monthly platform at ‘Kung Fu’ I started building a rep and name as a DJ that led to other doors opening in my career.

You quite quickly moved on from being more than a DJ when you started to secure presenting slots for specialist stations within the UK, US, Australia and parts of Africa. How natural was it for you to move from Deejaying to presenting?

I don’t remember it really feeling alien or anything. I enjoyed it. The microphone wasn’t something completely foreign to me but presenting weekly, daytime and specialist shows was a new discipline I wanted to lock down.

It has to be said that Djing is still even now, largely a male dominated industry. Has your sex made gaining popularity and recognition more difficult or has it had an opposite effect?

I have no idea! I don’t know any different. I don’t really use or think about being a ‘female DJ’, I just think; ‘I wanna destroy the set’. I came up cutting my teeth at ‘Kung Fu’ where the only way I felt I was gonna gain any recognition, was if I tore the party up.

What would you say makes you stand out from other DJ’s whether male or female within the industry?

Errm.. I don’t know how to answer questions like that! It embarrasses me for some reason! I don’t know, I just try to be me, be my best and rep the people.

It is not rare that many established DJ’s have a number of DJ’s who they have looked up to as they have risen up the ranks. What DJ’s do you admire and why?

There are so many! Shortee Blitz is an ill, all-round DJ to me, and one of my favourites. I’m so grateful living in London and getting to spin with Shortee because I was learning at the feet of the master. I’ve never seen him not kill it, plus he’s a great person too. Tony Monson is an actual, pioneering DJ, who again always rocks the set and is a walking music and vinyl encyclopedia. I’ve learnt so much from him about what it means to be a DJ. DJs and crews like DJ Cash Money, Sucio Smash, Beat Junkies, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, X-Ecutioners, Harry Love, Scratch Perverts, The En4cers … There’s so many talented and important DJs out there and I admire them all.

How supportive are your family of career to date?

They’ve only ever been 100% supportive, since the beginning of my interest in music. They just want me to work hard at what makes me happy. My parents are involved in music themselves too so they understand.

Many individuals on the road to success have come up against opposition from those closest to them. Have you come up against any negativity since your career began to take off. If yes, how do you deal with it?

I just try to keep it positive and focused on being good at what I do.

What would you say is the best thing about being you?

I’m blessed with wonderful people in my life that I love.

BBC 1xtra has over the years developed into the one station that plays and highlights the best in UK acts. What was it like to gain a presenting role on this station and what did you take from your time there?

It was a great honour and responsibility to take the helm as a DJ of a weekly Hip-Hop show. At the same time, it was quite a different dynamic for me to be working in what sometimes felt like the ‘belly of the beast’, because I’m such a renegade type of character, but every second of it was positive and it’s great to have broadcasting experience with an institution like the BBC.

When striving for greatness within your chosen industry, it is a great achievement to be nominated for an accolade which is a major recognition of the work you have achieved to date. What was it like to be nominated for a Mobo, not once but twice?

It was a shock! I was not expecting anything like that so yea it was kinda crazy. The second time I was nominated I found out by accident, and sort of just sat there stunned for a minute like, ‘hold on, I must have misread something!’ I felt proud to be the first lady to represent the ‘Best DJ’ category but more humbled than anything. To be put next to some names I have a lot of respect for.

Social media is the key for online promotion and in order to raise your profile it is pivotal that you build an online presence. Your following on social networks Facebook and Twitter is extremely expansive. How much has these sites helped you in your career?

I guess a lot, because online is more and more becoming the primary way people are staying in touch and updated. I’m able to stay connected with people I meet and work with all over the world much easier, and build on those relationships.

What was it like to share the stage with some of the worlds most talented and successful music artists including: Wu Tang, The Roots and KRS-1?

An honour and a blessing! Before anything else, I’m a fan of Hip-Hop so it’s dope to be able to share the stage with artists I respect.

You’re a skilled DJ but what other talents do you possess?

Ha! Good and worrying question! My life has been lopsided with music. I like cooking! I’m already planning this year’s family Christmas meal I’ll be making for about 20 of us. I’m an Aunty eight times so I’m good with children. I’m good at making my friends laugh. I’m athletic. Err, I don’t know!

Who or what in-spires you the most within your life?

People. People I love.

Do you have any positive quotations that you live by, if yes, what are they?

(laughs) Everything happens for the right reasons. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. When in doubt, eat an orange.

Sarah congratulations on your up and coming concert with Aloe and thank you for answering our questions. To round off the interview please complete the following sentences…..

I am at my best when….. I’ve eaten.

Self love can….. Carry you far.

I am most passionate about…… People and music.

I am committed to…… Loved ones.

I am at my happiest when…… I feel fulfilled.

Life is…………. Fascinating.

Three words that best describe me are………. Driven, affectionate, strong (I don’t know! That’s what other people have told me!)

I am a ‘Wonderwoman’ because….. My family made me this way.





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  1. I’m so insipired on Sara’s answers. I’m a young female that is inlove with Dj-ing. I’m only learning but I wish someday I’ll reach where she is… all the best Sara I wish you make success of yourself in the coming gig. Much Love …

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    Thank you for sharing your feedback. Good luck with your career endeavours


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