If you have not had sweet dreams in quite a while, you can blame your mattress. A bad mattress does not always have to be old. Even new mattresses that are too hard or too soft can interfere with your sleep patterns. The short-term effects of sleeping on a bad mattress are apparent the next morning itself. It can range from lethargy and back pain to increased appetite and reduced concentration.

The most common effects of a poor quality mattress

Long-term effects may take a while to manifest. Since your mattress plays a pivotal role in helping you fall asleep, you can experience a range of problems related to sleeping disorders. According to Nectar Sleep Mattress reviews, from chronic back pain, muscle soreness, spondylosis, and allergies, to respiratory issues and obesity; the effects of a bad mattress can change your life into a waking nightmare in a few weeks time.


Drowsiness is the most common result of a poor quality mattress. Poor quality sleep often results in a buildup of stress hormones that cause muscles to tense up and create tedium. This produces drowsiness and lethargy the following day. We have all experienced this now and then when we have crashed at our friend’s house. This is the impact of a poor quality mattress. Some poor souls, who use a bad quality mattress or an old mattress regularly, battle workplace drowsiness on a regular basis. Being unnaturally tired all day is not normal. You should give your mattress shopping a serious thought if you are facing this daily.

Allergies and irritations

Lung and throat irritation are common among smokers and city dwellers. Nevertheless, are your kids complaining of the same as well? Are you suffering from irritation in your respiratory tract in spite of being a non-smoker? Your old mattress may be at fault here. Old mattresses harbor a lot of dust, mites, dead skin cells, fur, dander, and pollens. Sometimes, our experts have also found mold growing in old inner spring mattresses in family homes. Not only is the situation scary, but it is also hazardous. These allergens can agitate your immune system and risk the health of your kids.

Weak immunity

If you suffer from frequent colds, stomach infections and flu-like symptoms, you may want to recheck your mattress. Although mattresses do not come with an expiry date, you should ideally change a mattress after 7-8 years of use. Not sleeping properly for days on end is another leading cause of infections and weak immune systems among today’s youth. Most adults do not get a complete night’s sleep and suffer from respiratory disorders due to poorly designed mattresses.

Your mattress should provide your comfort. It should protect your health and give you a refreshing night’s sleep. A good mattress has the secret healing power most adults need during their daily struggles. Invest in a good mattress, and you will find your key to a happy life.





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