Happiness and weighing scales. These are two entities that encompass very different definitions, one (happiness) holding complexity and endless questions, while the other (weighing scales) containing accuracy and precise answers. However, thinking closely, these words and their meanings fit nicely inside each other.

Happiness and being happy is hyped up to be this higher feeling that few people experience and if people do, it is only for a short period of time. I quite strongly disagree with this notion and think that this is a feeling of attachment; a thought of safety, depending on SOMETHING else to keep YOU safe in your bubble. What if I told you being happy and the state of happiness is not this? What if I said that it is not about what you have or what you should have or who you should be? It is far more simplistic than this. It’s about being happy NOW. Before you switch off and I completely lose you- as that what I almost did when I was discovering this- let me ask you what will make you happy? And after you got this thing will you be happy then what??? Oh then we’ll move on to the next question-what will make you happy now? I hope you see where I am going with this.

If I put this question out to the world, I am pretty sure that I would get a load of aesthetically pleasing, spine tingling, dreamy answers. However if all of these people were given their fantasy house, offered their dream job, met their perfect guy or girl (whatever that means) or given an unspeakable amount of money, would that be the thing to make them happy? Or are these answers encoded with quick fixes, fixes that aftertime losses that happiness appeal? Or are these the wrong answers to these questions? Are these the answers to what would you like?

Happiness, to me, is a balance between the external and the internal; your external happiness should be reflective of your internal happiness. I liken this to a set of weighing scales: on one half of the scale you have all the ingredients to make a cake (flour, butter, eggs, self-raising powder-(coincidence, I think not!!)- baking powder and icing sugar-depending on how creative you are feeling!!) and on the other side, you have the cake, the finished product. Now, the quality of the cake is dependent on the quality of the ingredients. The cake will be the equal weight of the ingredients. Therefore the end result- what you see, feel, taste- will be nothing more or less than what you have put in to create the cake: good ingredients=good cake, poor ingredients= poor cake.

In turn then, what you feel about yourself and life will equal your environment and therefore what you attract: if you are not feeling good about yourself, chances are your environment is less likely to change that- searching for something to fill that void will be extremely hard to find, never feeling quite satisfied. But if you are more at peace with yourself, you will be able to take on and accomplish challenges and create the life you want because you have that self-believe: happy you=happy everything else!!

And how to start that internal happiness??? Well, start by going back to what you love (with a little self-raising powder)!!!



W| By Rebecca Sullivan                                                              Via #BeINspired 

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