One day I aspire to change the world.

To have the power to organise something as big as Live Aid

and raise 150 million from a single day like Sir Bob Geldof,

in support of the famine epidemic plaguing the 3rd World.

I dream to have a dream like Martin Luther King,

and teach peace and equal rights for every human being

despite the colour of their skin.

To be like Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and have my face blazing on a shirt,

after travelling to countries across the world

educating the oppressed to rise up from the dirt.

Who am I?

A student campaigning against corruption in Tiananmen Square

standing in front of a fleet of tanks, unafraid of if he lives or dies.

My desire is to save my wealth and give back to poverty,

better yet, I desire to follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates

to give back 90% of my capital to honourable charities.


On these two feet, I will campaign for what I believe in like Gandhi,

who fasted to give India independence in 1947 from the British colony.

With these eyes, I aim to see the injustice within society,

just as Betty Williams in Northern Ireland, who witnessed three kids killed

and cared enough to gain 6,000 signatures in two days.

She marched to the children’s graves in honour of peace,

with the total sum of 45,000 people and be rewarded the Nobel Peace prize.

In my heart beats the will to write a letter like Peter Benenson

who saw two children imprisoned for seven years for toasting to freedom,

and have the overwhelming support to form a world-wide movement

called Amnesty International, protesting against the torture of adults and children.

Inside my soul; I long to trigger a chain of events, just as Rosa Parks achieved

in her demonstration which set off the civil rights movement,

by simply declining to sit at the back of the bus

to move American culture, toward the eradication of black intolerant treatment.


No matter the struggle; I shall fight as the slaves of Haiti

who conquered Napoleon’s army to become the first black republic state.

And first in the Western hemisphere to abolish slavery

in a victory that rewrote the pages of history; on a cold January day.

If wishes were granted, I wish to be as selfless as Mother Teresa

and devote my life to God and the welfare of others,

as a dedicated humanitarian for 40 years throughout the world

helping the poor and the sick, the dying and the orphans with absent carers.

Whoever said dreams do not come true

must have been asleep to have missed Nelson Mandela,

a man with a dream of equality; imprisoned for 27 years

set free to bring freedom to the people of South Africa.


One person can make a difference.

Stay committed. Change the World.

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W| By Anthony Ngaithe

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