You and Me

It’s clear to me that the sky is blue
The grass is green. I wonder why this is true
I know the truth about you
I know what makes you stay true
Feelings you don’t show easily
But I see right through you
This is how you are
You’ll never change
I like everything about you
Because we both know you’re not vain


People are drawn to your appearance
I’m drawn to your smile it’s a weakness
I can’t help it
What would you do if you felt like me?
I bet you would express it to me lyrically
Am I wrong?

The window to your soul is in your eyes
I feel at ease when I stare into your eyes deeply
With you by my side I breathe easily
It’s not easy for me to express how I feel
On this occasion I think it’s time for me to be real
How should I put this?
Maybe I should say something like
You are the perfect beat over a tight melody
No! That’s from brown sugar

I got your brown sugar!
See you and me are more like
Pieces of a puzzle
We fit together perfectly
No missing pieces
That’s because
You complete me


I know you’re searching for experience
I understand that you need your freedom
When all is said and done
I’ll be by your side when you need me
Like a bird I am your wings
Together we will fly
To another place
Where the sun is shining
No clouds, no rain
Only the air moving between us
Just youand me

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W| Poem by Alyssia Sutherland

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