Love snacking? Love food? With the UK being really obsessed with the healthy and delicious meals and London lately recognized as the gastro-capital of the world, the foodie movement is a very timely obsession or passion? indeed.

The beauty is that the yummy foods are available at any price and for any taste pretty much everywhere across the country (Unlike in days of old where only the rich could afford luxuries as chocolate and sugary treats.) And so are the numbers of people who are desperate to lose their weight, trim their bodies to the desired shape or simply obsessed with fitness fort the pure reason to be able to eat more. So they can go out with friends, have a drink or two and behave like the foodies do. Eat.

It doesn’t stop just there. At home, when occasional stress re-visits you again, the fridge is your BFF. (Best Fridge Forever!)

Well, at least for those who are struggling to shape-up their bodies to the desired state – the good news is the food has nothing to do with that. Yes, I said it.

It’s true some foods are addictive, it’s true we love our food-binging whilst TV-binging. It’s true we deserve to spoil ourselves. What is not true, “It should be ALL about food“.

Emotional Eating In-spire LS Health matters

Here are a few tips to combat your emotional-eating cravings or what some call obsessive compulsory relationship with their food of choice.

  • Next time you can’t bear the time left till your lunch break, go to that water dispenser machine and have 2-3 glasses of water, one after another. It’s proven that at times we are thirsty, yet the brain delivers hunger-alert. We think we are hungry, when in fact we are thirsty.
  • Yes some foods do suppress your appetite, yet no matter how much I tried, snacking on apples, they only make me hungrier. Please review your snacks – do they suppress your appetite or the opposite?
  • Find something to do, where you need concentration. Two of my clients are now checking their bank accounts every time they want to eat. One goes through the credit card statements. Not only do they claim they lose their appetite completely and get extremely motivated to concentrate on their work, one of the clients of mine who checks their credit card statements now does it every time she wants to go shopping! Apparently that helps to prevent the shopping-addiction! Talk about the power of money!
  • The next time you feel lonely or in need of some TLC, don’t even think of watching rom-coms or reading romance novels (the ones where the sex scenes are particularly demoralizing to the singletons), that’s just a sure way to the fridge, freezer or your wine cellar. Go to YouTube (free!!!) and watch the comedy-sketches or Google+ and check out the latest communities such as “Joke of The Day“, “Technology Humour“ and the ones that filled with photos of cute animals doing funny stuff.
  • Find a new passion. A real passion. If you have no time, because you want to see your friends – get them to do it together with you. If you work long hours – spend your lunch time on your passion.
  • If nothing else works, start dating (providing you are single). The best fitness motivation I’ve ever seen for my clients!!! Men and women both!
  • For those in relationship. This is not the time to think about hers or his feelings and needs. We’ve got your healthy-life on the line. Sign-up for the workshops or events, or meetings, where the numbers of the opposite sex will outweigh your numbers. What a great way to boost your self-esteem, and motivate yourself to care about your health and your looks more. Your partner will follow. And who wouldn’t, when you suddenly radiate with such a happy smile. … For no apparent reason.

And do remember to drop me the line or two and let me know which tip worked the best for you, or perhaps to share yours so that I can suggest to my clients.

O xx

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