Not everyone wants to get a job that involves helping people, but for those that do, this is an article for you. After all, you should always choose a career that suits your individual personality and character traits. If you have the social skills and genuine desire to make a difference to the lives of others, here are a few potential career paths that you could consider going down.

Healthcare Professional

It should come as no surprise that if you are looking to help people in their genuine time of need, working in healthcare is a great choice. At the more qualified end of the scale, you have doctors and nurses, which require you to get a degree and take part in extensive training. If you feel like going into a different sector that doesn’t require quite so much training, there are plenty of care jobs out there that are waiting to be filled. These tend to be quite demanding, so you need to have the passion to see you through.

School Work and Education

Another way that you can help people is through education, and there are plenty of jobs of this variety that are waiting to be filled. Of course, the most obvious of these is to become a teacher, but you could also become a teaching assistant or administrator. If you would prefer not to work with children, there are also jobs in adult education which give you the opportunity to work with people later in their lives.

Social Work

Social workers help out in a variety of different cases, working with individuals and families in their most difficult times. Some of the main activities involved in this line of work include conducting assessments, supporting with emotional needs and interacting with people who provide other services. The top jobs in this sector involve getting a degree, but there are plenty of other options for those who are less qualified.

Public Services

If you are interested in helping people in broader terms, there are plenty of jobs in government and other agencies that involve making policies to make a difference to people’s lives. And there are all kinds of different options for people to get involved at different ends of the scale, depending on your individual skill set and qualifications.

Charity Careers

Pick a cause that is close to your heart and you could make a difference in the charity sector. You could be involved in the direct fundraising activities or you could be in a more office-based capacity. Job roles involve anything from marketing and accounting to admin and IT, so you have a wide range of options out there. Many people start off in this sector by doing voluntary work before committing themselves completely to the causes.

Hopefully, these five different career paths have given you some food for thought, and you may even decide to choose one of them to follow in the future.     


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