Digital marketing matters more every day. After all, the online economy continues to eclipse the old economy in terms of growth. Hence, job growth in the digital world shows more promise than in offline sectors. As a result, competition has increased alongside opportunity.

If you want to take advantage of the new economy, you should consider pursuing a career in digital marketing. Although you may face strong competition, the possibilities are limited only by your ingenuity and hard work.

Below you will find four tips that will help you start an exciting digital marketing career.

Learn the Basics

Prepare yourself for your new career by learning about the digital marketing industry. Do this by visiting some important websites such as Moz, Social Media Examiner and Search Engine Land.

As you learn, you might also want to take an online digital marketing course. Such a move can dramatically increase your understanding of the field while adding strength to your resume. Additionally, advancing your education demonstrates your dedication to prospective clients and employers.

During your quest to become a well-trained and qualified digital marketer, you should consider complementing your formal training with one or more of the following certifications:

Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing – a free certification that covers the foundation of digital marketing.

Google – Free certifications are available for those who study and master the and analytics platforms.

Monitor industry news at all times so new trends and tools never catch you by surprise. Doing this will also give you a chance to update your skills. Pay especially close attention to news about Google as well as the top trends in social media.

When you begin your work, you will frequently need to edit and optimize websites and other online content. For this reason, you should spend time learning the basics of HTML as well as how to use the leading graphic design applications. By increasing the level and scope of your skills, you will distinguish yourself from others in the business.

Network with Industry Professionals

Give your career a boost by connecting with other marketing professionals, including those that are leaders in the industry. When you do this, you can learn from the experiences of others and build your professional network.

Ultimately, the relationships you create can pay off in the form of referrals that can lead to career growth. For example, the exposure that you gain can lead to new employment and business opportunities.

In addition to traditional online networking via social media and email, you should consider attending local and regional gatherings of marketing professionals. There, you can increase the depth and intimacy of your relationships and attend valuable workshops and presentations.

Develop Necessary Skills

As already noted, success in your new career depends on your ability to master the necessary skills. Although much of what you need to know involves the technical aspects of design and marketing, you also need some core personal skills such as those listed below.

Ability to Execute

As a digital marketer, you can expect to have many demands on your time. Just consider a few of your responsibilities:

  • Blog
  • Website
  • Landing pages
  • Social media profiles
  • Content creation
  • Visitor conversions
  • Lead collection
  • PPC advertising

Your ability to execute depends on how well you can manage your time, prioritize your activities and delegate responsibilities.

For the most part, your role as a digital marketer makes you an ideal candidate for working remotely. If you have this opportunity, you will need additional character traits such as self-discipline and internal motivation.

Of course, while working from your home office, you should consider using technology to help you stay focused and productive. For example, the Pomodoro Technique can help you stay at the top of your game while avoiding burnout.


Your creative identity will set you apart from the average digital marketer and generate a high demand for your services.

On balance, your creativity will help you solve problems, eliminate clutter and do your job. In the end, you will get results that are both memorable and long-lasting.

Analytical Skills

Data plays a vital role in the work of digital marketers. Every day you will need to collect information about your target market and then use that information to make choices regarding content and platforms.

As you execute your marketing campaigns, you will again have to work with data as you define, choose metrics and evaluate your results. When you have well-honed analytical skills, you’ll make good decisions that will richly reward you.

Eagerness to learn

Your new industry will continue to experience fast growth and intensifying competition. By all means, you should commit yourself to lifelong learning to ensure that you remain relevant over the long run.

Furthermore, your attitude toward learning can make a big difference to your career. Rather than begrudgingly developing your skills, embrace learning with a passion.

Always take a proactive approach to learning by showing personal initiative. Also, stay on the cutting edge of emerging trends rather than reacting to them late in the game.

Build Your Personal Brand

As a digital marketer, you need to establish a potent personal brand. This means that you need to have good online visibility. Make sure you maintain vibrant social media profiles and keep your landing page and blog up to date.

In essence, the way you market your personal brand reflects your capabilities. Such an exhibition of your skills will impress prospective clients and employers and establish your credibility in the industry.

Your decision to enter the world of digital marketing can give you a fun and challenging career. However, your success requires a commitment to learning and the development of creativity.

Meanwhile, you must continuously develop an edge over your competitors and promote your personal brand. Now, put the above tips to use and take the first step in your new career.
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