With every year that progresses, it seems as though most of us get a little more addicted to our smartphones. And whilst new mobile models like the Samsung Galaxy S8 has incredible features like facial recognition and the cool Live Message function, there are some who maintain that we are becoming a little too reliant upon the internet.

More often than not it’s social media that gets the blame. Although social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are supposed to help us live closer interconnected lives, these networks have been blamed for everything from the rise of fake news to mental health issues in young people.

Perhaps it is because these apps allow us to present a skewed version of reality that they have been given such a startling portrayal in the press.

But as an entire generation of smartphone users have now reached adulthood without knowing life before the internet, it seems as though this technology is an integral part of the human condition.

The internet provides us with a convenience that we’ve never known before. From being able to check flight times to house prices at the click of a button, we are now living in a time where having to wait for information is becoming old-fashioned.

And it’s affecting our physical world too. More people are able to use the internet to work from home, and the online retail revolution is meaning that our high streets are no longer the focal point for our shopping activities.

The entertainment realm has been similarly affected. From brands like Netflix and Spotify allowing us previously unimaginably simple ways to watch movies and listen to music, to gaming sites that have transformed traditional casino gaming habits as discussed at the blog at Lucky Nugget Casino, it shows that we now face more choice than ever.

But it’s this ease of accessing information that could be having unknown consequences on our behaviours. There have already been news stories that suggest how the internet is affecting the way that we form memories, and with concerns about shorter attention spans, it seems as though the internet is changing us as humans.

However, before we get too concerned the rise of the internet, it’s worthwhile remembering that most new technologies tend to produce a moral panic. From the perceived dangers of watching too much, television to the revolutionary effects that Gutenbergs printing press introduced, we’ve had a long history of adapting to change.

And with the internet giving us an easier way to stay connected and play mobile casino games, it seems as though we soon won’t remember a time before this incredible technology.




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