Being that we’re still at the early stages of 2018, the talk and thought of change is still very much around. “From now, it will be different I will change” is a something said by many with hope, but also said with worry and fear over the possibility of not being able to live out their goals. Therefore the process of transforming aspects of themselves becomes less joyful and more pressurised. The image of change feels so light and easy to attain “you do this and then you do this”. The reality is more difficult. Change is thought to hold all the answers, which in turn makes the prospect of change to feel `heavy, a change which may not need to take place, a change is only an illusion.

Change is something one thinks that can just take place when the subject of change is someone else, with the attitude “well just change,” giving a person no space for adjusting. This could be considered slightly ignorant and out of touch with reality, not really understanding just how difficult making a change can be. People can grow tried and frustrated when they don’t see the results in others they want, with an image of how life could be for them. Instead of wasting energy on forecasting a future, a future that is unpredictable, a future that’s not even theirs, this energy could go towards accepting a person for who they are, or even better, use it to better one’s self.

I have mentioned earlier that change can bring about anxious feelings, limiting one’s self to a strict set of rules and berating themselves when they feel that they have done something that contradicts the ‘changed them’. This can lead them down a deep rabbit hole and can make them develop negative feelings about themselves and in turn how they think other people will perceive them; they panic at the thought of the world being a witness to them ‘failing’ change. However, do people really change? Has anyone reached a reality of their image of change? Or is it a case of developing strengths?

I believe if people were more focused in developing their strengths they would undoubtedly become more successful and would moreover become the person they wanted to be. By doing so, they will allow themselves to be more positive and the bits that they may otherwise want to change, the bits they do not necessarily like about themselves, will just fade, without effort, doing this with more enjoyment; rather than restricting one’s selves, they are uncovering part of themselves that they didn’t know existed.

What strengths do you want to develop?



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