They say good things come in small packages and the latest Glowboxx is definitely not an exception to this rule. As a woman, I recognise more that ever that we love to treat ourselves or to receive special treats from others and without a doubt, the Glowboxx is the perfect gift for the modern woman of colour who appreciates both decadence and quality.

Glowwbox is a fantastic beauty brand which offers high quality products wrapped in a petite black box.  For only £10 +p&p you get the opportunity to receive a professional gift box delivered right to your door containing hair and beauty products that never fail to impress.

I have been an avid user of Mizani products for over 4 years. Having first been introduced to their products by my stylist at my regular salon I began to incorporate their ‘supreme’ oil into my night-time hair routine as I found it was perfect for my ends; particularly when putting in curlers over night.

MIZANI is a premium, professional haircare range specifically formulated for all natural curl types and is perfect for women who want to wear their hair in both curly or wavey styles.

Glowwboxx In-spire LS

What makes this recent edition of Glowwbox so fantastic is that it gave me the opportunity to sample other hair products from the Mizani hair collection. Initially, I was expecting small bottles as the Glowwbox itself is quite compact. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the special edition included 250ml bottles of the Supreme Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, 148ml True Textures Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel as well as a full sized 50ml jar of Edge Taming Gel; perfect for those stubborn strands that will not stay put! As an extra bonus, this edition also included a 4.5ml vile of Supreme Oil and a sachet of Moisture Stretch Curl Extending Cream.

When I use products, I like to ensure that I use the products over a considerable amount of time to be able to share their true benefits. Over the time that I used the Mizani Supreme Oil collection, I found my hair became more manageable, retained moisture and shine without becoming to weighed down by excessive oils.

For years, we as black women have reached for the hair oils which have been sold to use as being good for our scalp and hair overall. However, through conducting further research into our hair; I was able to establish that many of the hair oils we so regularly use contain mineral oil which is extremely damaging to our scalps as it blocks moisture from reaching the scalp; leading to the hair becoming weak and damaged.

The vital factor of using Mizani’s Supreme Oil Shampoo & Conditioner is that they don’t contain mineral oil or parabens and are silicon free. If all of this wasn’t enough, all of the Mizani products featured within Glowwbox are sulphate free.

Mizani Supreme Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

mizani-supreme-oil-shampoo-and-conditioner-In-spire LS

Mizani say that the shampoo and conditioner are supposed to moisturise and replenish dry and damaged hair and I would agree that it did exactly that! Although, my hair is not damaged or breaking in anyway, the current boiling hot summer that the UK has been blessed with recently; has played havoc to my hair and has left it feeling very dry, more so on my ends. The sweet smelling shampoo, which has a smooth and non-greasy texture, glided through my hair lengths and built up a nice lather. Not only did the shampoo leave my hair feeling soft and silky as well as noticeably more moisturised. But, it also detangled my wild mane; making it easier to comb through the conditioner after.

The conditioner was also to a similar texture and left my hair feeling more extra moisturised and easier to manage. It was recommended that the conditioner be left on for 3-5 minutes. For extra effect, I put a plastic cap on my hair and wrapped a towel around it during the duration of this to lock in the heat and to give my hair a more intense treatment.

Edge Taming Gel

Mizani Edge Taming Gel

I often find that edge taming products can be extremely sticky or hard to rub off. However, the Mizani Edge Taming Gel is moisturising and does not leave the hair feeling dry or sticky. Yet, still effortlessly keeps the hair in place. The smell of the product is pleasant also and is also free from mineral oil and petrolatum. I often wear my hair in a top knot style so this product has proved very useful over the past few weeks in keeping the strands; particularly at the back of my head in place.

True Textures Perfect Curl Cream Gel

Perfect Curl

At one time I was a GHD fiend, straightening my hair at least every other day. Although, I knew exactly what the implications would be; dull, damaged and thirsty ends. I continued to use them religiously as I simply liked my hair to be as STRAIGHT as possible. However, over time I began to embrace my hair drying naturally or with a low heat on the blow-dryer and adding curlers to my hair instead. When doing this however, I have needed products that would not only restore the moisture in my hair but also help to enhance my curls. The True Textures Curl Cream helped to make my curls more tighter and more defined.

Supreme Oil

Mizani Supreme Oil

One of the first products I have used by Mizani, Supreme Oil is without a doubt supreme in name and nature. Many oils are too oily and can leave the hair feeling weighted. However, Supreme Oil is light in texture and has a sweet scent. It is free from parabens, silicon and mineral oil. An extra benefit of Supreme Oil is that it contains 8 pure essential oils which each have phenomenal benefits for the hair. These oils include: Avocado, Olive, Argan and Sunflower Oil. The Supreme Oil is perfect for using on the hair before blowdrying as it leaves the hair feeling soft and manageable after.

True Textures Moisture Stretch Curl Extending Cream

Moisture Stretch


*Please Note: This product comes in sachet form in the Glowwbox.

This cream is perfect for creating defined curls and although is instructed by Mizani to used on partitioned ‘wet’ hair. I found that my curls were very defined when I combined this product with leave in-conditioner.

Overall, I was very pleased with the Mizani special edition Glowwbox. Each and everyone of the products in the box are exceptional and will be invested in once they run out. A must buy for those who want to get quality in return for a very reasonable price.

I give the Mizani Glowwbox Special Edition box 5/5 star rating.

Visit the official Glowwbox site for more information on how you can get yours HERE




W| By Sasha Shantel                                       

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