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Outstanding. Exceptional. Unforgettable. These are only some of the words that I can use to describe my experience of the country spa retreat Moddershall Oaks.

I have had the opportunity to visit and review the UK’s finest spa resorts, but none have impressed me and have eclipsed my initial expectations like this one.

There are many reasons why Moddershall Oaks is a spa retreat like no other. Here is a breakdown:

The Setting and Customer services:  Situated in the remote rural area of Staffordshire; Moddershall Oaks is the perfect setting for escapism. The spa offers day and overnight packages as well as treatments, internal and external dining and an immaculate interior perfect for special functions. A family run business; Moddershall Oaks reassured us that they would make our visit a phenomenal one and throughout my stay it was evident that they prided themselves on delivering on this promise.

On entering the spa, we were greeted by an interior design which was a sheer sign of decadence and professionalism. The earthy shades of brown and green mixed with wood furnishing and bright pictures situated around the reception area helped to set the scene and continue the tranquil feeling that resonated throughout my stay.

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The customer service could not be faulted and was perfect throughout. Clear and concise directions were given to us; giving us an account of what our stay would entail and who we had to report to if we needed to. After the initial talk, we were given a thorough tour of the facilities which included a walk round the premises as well as a tour of our room.

Throughout the duration of or stay we were made to feel comfortable and welcome and the level of customer services did not falter at any-time.

The beautiful surroundings of Moddershall Oaks helped to make my stay a relaxed one. The clean air and the trees and water features of the lake added to the overall peaceful feel. Being able to take a break away from city life was necessary and for a period; no matter how brief; I felt that I was taking care of myself and my overall well being, just by simply sitting and being at one with the nature that shrouded the spas surroundings.

The Room

It’s the fact that Moddershall Oaks has only 10 apartments which adds to the overall intimacy and feeling of exclusivity. The room was simple yet possessed all of the necessities needed to enhance my overall stay. A major highlight was the overall cleanliness of the room; which is always very important to me. The room also provided the option of using the hot tub which was situated just outside the back door. An added feature was the option to request any DVD from a vast array which was on offer at the main desk. I loved the room overall and felt completely comfortable and well rested.


The Facilities

When it comes to facilities; Moddershall Oaks provided perfection in all its forms. I fell in love with the spa area which included steam rooms, a sauna, a shower which was made up of different settings which left me feeling invigorated and renewed. The outdoor pool was also a major selling feature. Being able to bask under the light of the hot sun while being offered drinks from the bar was amazing. For much of my stay; it felt more and more like I was residing in a hotel within a Caribbean country. The overall atmosphere and ambiance of the overall spa facilities was to an exceptional level.

Aside from the spa facilities, Moddershall Oaks also has a reasonably sized gym which has all the up-to-date equipment needed for an all-round body workout. I ensured that I went in to make sure I took a note of what was in there. But, on this occasion I chose to focus purely on relaxation.

To add to my overall relaxation; as part of my visit I was booked in for a back, neck and arms massage. To say I felt relaxed after would probably be an understatement. My masseuse Shelly was exceptionally talented and it was evident that she knew her stuff! I initially went into the massage room with an aching body. However, I left feeling rejuvenated and I would greatly recommend that you book yourself in for a treatment.  There is an option of numerous treatment packages that you can undertake and they come in an array of prices to suit all.


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Moddershall Oaks

The Restaurant

The food that I eat when visited spas is very important to me and can often greatly affect my overall star rating of a facility. I cannot often say that the entire course of the starter, main and dessert is exceptional. However, the in-house restaurant within Moddershall Oaks was simply breathtaking. Every part of my meal tasted divine. As a starter I opted for a duck roll with a cucumber side and sauce. It was devoured in minutes as was my lamb and my chocolate cake which was undoubtedly what I imagine heaven would taste like if it were indeed a dish and not a place just above the clouds. Nothing I say is an overstatement; in fact, it is quite the contrary. The food was outstanding as was the customer service which was also an extremely high standard. The Full English breakfast has to also be mentioned as it tasted divine and was cooked to perfection. It is also important to note that the produce were sourced locally.


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Overall, I can honestly say that Moddershall Oaks did not fail to deliver in anyway. My overall star was one that I will not forget and it is a credit to the staff and their professionalism. A totally first rate spa retreat that is not only affordable but without a doubt unforgettable.


5/5 Star Rating *****

After many weeks of non-stop work I was grateful for the opportunity to head down to Staffordshire with my editor to review Moddershall Oaks Spa.

Whilst driving up to the spa the first thing I noticed was just how beautiful the surrounding scenery wa. It was the perfect setting for anyone wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Upon arrival, we was greeted by the friendly reception staff who straight away offered us a seat and a refreshing fruit juice.  After going through our itinerary; we was shown around the spa and then taken to our room.

The Room 5/5

The room was clean and very comfortable; set on the ground floor, it featured twin beds, a huge widescreen TV with SKY and DVD rentals available, refreshments and a wonderful ground floor balcony which faced an amazing view. For those that smoke you are able to do so on the balcony which was also provided with an ashtray and seating area.  This was key for me as I have been to too many hotels/spas that just don’t accommodate for smokers.  As much as it is a bad habit, plenty of people do smoke and it was good to see that Moddershall Oaks catered for both non-smoking and smoking visitors. Just a few feet from our balcony was a stay over guest hot tub which guests were able to enjoy from 8am-10pm sadly we didn’t get chance to enjoy it as we were so busy enjoying all the other facilities available to us.

The Restaurant 5/5

Moddershall Oaks Restaurant was situated right next to a beautiful lake and woodlands with the dining rooms set up beautifully it fitted the ambiance of the entire setting which was extremely peaceful and calming. Throughout my stay, I managed to fit in a 2 course dinner, breakfast lunch and a dessert at afternoon tea. After every single meal I was left feeling completely satisfied the food was perfectly cooked full of flavour and very filling some of the best food I’ve eaten. The staff at the restaurant were well mannered and very helpful. At no point did the level of standard falter. It was in this case, faultless.

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The Spa Facilities 5/5

The next morning my Editor and I headed up to the treatment room where we were greeted by Shelly who was carrying out our treatments.  We were treated to the high quality spa favourite Elemis which smelled amazing and felt even better.  Shelly immediately made me feel comfortable as  I informed her that this was to be my first massage and throughout the massage she made sure that I was happy and comfortable with the pressure she was using. The treatment room was peaceful and as I was being massaged I felt all the stress and tension fade away leaving me feeling renewed.

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After my treatment, I headed to the outside court yard to enjoy the vitality spa pool with the sun beating down and the English countryside for scenery it was nothing short of perfect and if it couldn’t get any better the wonderful deli staff made sure that we was okay throughout and brought out refreshments for us whenever requested.

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The spa also offered a wooden cabin sauna, an indoor pool, a hydro pool, a steam room, foot spa and shower experience. Sasha and I took full advantage of all of these facilities and spent the whole day enjoying them. By home time I felt like I’d been on holiday totally relaxed and stress free.

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Moddershall Oaks also has a fully equipped Gym, Tennis courts and you are able to hire out bicycles if you wish to have a ride around the stunning English countryside; sadly I was too busy enjoying the spa to do this.

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Moddershall Oaks offers total peace and tranquility for all of their guests. The atmosphere is set, the staff are friendly, helpful and by far offer the best customer service I have come across. Staying at Moddershall Oaks left me feeling renewed and prepared for the hectic week ahead.

If you are looking for the perfect little getaway I highly recommend this beautiful spa.

Star rating *****


















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