Summer Wayans is a multi-talented second generation family member of the universally respected African-American entertainment trailblazers The Wayans Family, Co-Founder of non-profit charity The Wayans Girl Foundation, a heralded professional plus size model, a Television/Radio personality, Actress, advocate and charity philanthropist.

The Wayans family continues to entertain fans globally and have been called “Comedy Royalty” by Oprah Winfrey courtesy of the many decades of superb consistency, excellence and passion of The Wayans Family‘s endless services and credibility to Black entertainment. The Wayans Family includes Marlon Wayans (“Fifty Shades of Black, “White Chicks”, “GI Joe: Rise of Cobra”), Shawn Wayans (“Little Man”, “Dance Flick”, “Scary Movie”), Damon Wayans, (“Lethal Weapon” (TV series), “My Wife And Kids”), Damon Wayans Jr (“How To be Single”), Keenen Ivory Wayans (“Happily Divorced”, “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”), Kim Wayans (“Reckless” and “Juwanna Mann”), Damien Wayans, Chaunté Wayans (MTV’s “Wild N’ Out”) and Craig Wayans (BET’s “Second Generation Wayans” to name just a few from the innately gifted Wayans FamilySummer Wayans is the sister of Executive Producer/Writer/Director Craig Wayans and Actor Gregg Wayans and continues to truly exemplify black excellence in entertainment whilst demonstrating the legendary Wayans Family work ethic in improving each and every single day.

Summer Wayans has appeared on BET’s “Teen Summit“, NBC’s “The Challenger” on NFL Monday Night Football and ABC Family’s “Switched!”. In addition, Summer Wayans has utilized a unique multitude of her vast talents to consult and advocate on Hollywood motion pictures such as “Bring It On, Yet Again“. Furthermore, Summer Wayans has featured as guest host on Black Hollywood Live and Generation U Radio.

Wayans’ work for mainstream brands such as Ashley Stewart, Wet Seal+, Sydney’s Closet, Sears, K-Mart, and being the curvy model for Vanessa Simmons’ line, has increased her credibility and visibility in the plus fashion community and continues to empower plus size and African-American women simultaneously. Summer Wayans has walked the prestigious catwalk in both mainstream and plus fashion shows including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, Full-figured Fashion Week, Plus Night Out and both the Los Angeles Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Summer Wayans’ credentials include being the cover model for – and/or appeared in various publications –  including Plus Model Magazine, Daily Venus Diva, Full Blossom Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly and Skorch Magazine.

“My mother, Diedra Wayans, and I both have extremely big hearts. It seemed that people who are in need tend to gravitate towards us, so we wanted to be able to help on a bigger level.”


Moreover, Summer Wayans has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Psychology and is a doctoral candidate with an emphasis in Multiculturalism. As the co-founder of the Wayans Girl Foundation along with her beloved mother Diedra Wayans, the goal of the Wayans Girl Foundation is to provide an empowerment and strength based approach to assisting individual’s access resources and support. Summer Wayans’ sincere love for philanthropy plays a crucial role in her level of awareness surrounding social and socio-economic issues which drives her to utilize various platforms to encourage, empower and uplift individuals. Summer Wayans also serves on the Advisory board for the Los Angeles County Alliance of the Boys and Girls Club. Throughout the Los Angeles Metroplex, there are 25 clubs which serve over 140,000 youths aged 6-18 every year. Through the advisory board, Summer Wayans is a part of ensuring that each club receives the resources necessary to enhance the experience of the at-risk youth. 

Summer Wayans is a motivational speaker and has a strong passion for speaking to youth about life and has specialized research and training on topics pertaining to multicultural communities, ethnic minority youth’s sexual health, bullying, domestic violence, trans-generational stereotypes and LGBT issues—among many other topics. Summer Wayans has become a bona fide role model and champion in communities and is exhibiting to youth and adults similarly that you do not have to choose between being a public figure and getting an education – you can do both.

3-time Award-winning In-spire LS Magazine caught up with The Wayans Girl Foundation Co-Founder, Actress, Model, TV and Radio Personality Summer Wayans to touch on her inspirational non-profit foundation, her deep passion for philanthropy, the legendary Wayans Family, breaking stereotypes for plus size models and women, her current and forthcoming endeavors and much more only on In-spire LS Magazine.

The Wayans Girl Foundation is a registered non-profit charity organization which you co-founded with Diedra Wayans. The goal of the Wayans Girl Foundation is of course to provide an empowerment and strength-based approach to assisting individuals to access resources and support in their communities. Can you please explain to the audience why you initially started The Wayans Girl Foundation?

My mother, Diedra Wayans, and I both have extremely big hearts. It seemed that people who are in need tend to gravitate towards us, so we wanted to be able to help on a bigger level. One of the things that we noticed is constant, regardless of the need is resources. People need resources. People need support.


What do you feel The Wayans Girl Foundation offers in contrast to other registered non-profit charity organizations?

Wayans Girl Foundation’s goal is to connect people with the existing resources. The thing about resources is that many of them already exist. The problem is that the people who need them either don’t know that they exist or are not sure where to find them. In addition, the platform we have by coming from an entertainment family affords us the opportunity to be more visible. Through that visibility, people in the community are able to reach out to us and let us know their particular needs. It is our hope that this approach will help us in bridging the existing gaps between the community and individual in need and the resources.

The Spirit Day I’m Against Bullying Campaign is an organization which you have greatly supported. Were you ever bullied growing up and if so why?

I love the idea of Spirit Day. A day to celebrate and educate people about bullying. Growing up I was bullied. Bullied for many reasons including but not limited to being fat, Black and as my bullies put it “thinking I’m all that because I’m a Wayans“. But as an adult, I had an experience where someone called me a bully, referring to my behavior as a kid. In reflection, I have come to recognize that we are raised in a society that promotes the foundation of bullying and moral disengagement. In the most basic of definitions, moral disengagement is the way by which we excuse and justify our unfavorable behavior. For example, if I am called names by someone it is okay for me to call them names back.

What do you find most enriching in being a Philanthropist? 

Being a part of helping people feel supported.

When did you decide to take the proverbial leap of faith and decide to become a professional Plus Size Model?

I think first, I had to have faith in me and my abilities to even want to take modeling to the next level. Then when I got that call from an agency that wanted to sign me, I had to rely on my faith and believe it was the right thing to do. The leap of faith happened when my agency asked me to move to New York. I had never lived more than an hour from my parents and siblings. But my faith allowed me to not only make the move but to hit the ground running.

In addition to being a professional Plus Size Model and Philanthropist, you are also a Television and Radio Personality. What is next for Summer Wayans?

Everything! I am just getting started. I’m always doing something. I feel like I have been blessed with so many gifts that I have to find ways to use them and share them with the world. Be sure to follow me on my social media and on my website  so you don’t miss out.


The legendary Wayans family are well-respected trailblazers in the world of entertainment and have greatly entertained fans globally for decades. With that  being said, how much harder overall have you had to work in the entertainment industry compared to your peers on the basis of your last name?

I’m not one to compare myself to my peers. Everyone has their own experience with challenges and triumphs. I think that I have had both positive and not so positive experiences with people based on people’s perspective of what it is to be a Wayans. My family values are hard work and a good ethic, so I give my all in everything that I do. I challenge myself and feel like I am my own worst critic.

Which member of the Wayans family provided you with the greatest advice prior to entering the business?

My mom (Diedra Wayans) and my big brother Craig Wayans. My mom raised me with such strong values and has always been my biggest motivator. I have watched her struggle and succeed but most importantly have faith with me every step of the way. My big brother (Craig Wayans) gave me the nickname Trailblazer which has set the tone for what I do. I am paving a way based on what I know and where I want to go, without being limited because there isn’t already a road to get there. He has always supported what I want to do, even if it is being a model and a doctor.

What words of wisdom do you have for women out there who feel largely pressured and self-conscious courtesy of the presented images of perceived perfection in mainstream media and social media?

Even perfection is imperfect. Even the most beautiful person in the magazine has their insecurities. Take a moment and get to know yourself…what makes you feel good? What makes you feel sexy? What makes you feel empowered?  I’ve learned over time that people are most attracted to me (physically and spiritually) when I am attracted to myself.

What are your main goals for 2017?

Graduate! This June I will be graduating with my Ph.D. and I simply cannot wait! I’m thinking about transitioning back to being signed with a modeling agency. I’ll be dedicating some time to further establishing Wayans Girl Foundation. We are looking forward to doing things in the community. Overall, I am going to keep moving along in my journey and be flexible and faithful enough to go where it takes me.

Before we leave Summer, do you have any forthcoming creative projects that you currently have in store that you would like to share with the audience?

I’m going to be doing a total revamp of my portfolio and collaborating with some amazing photographers to do so. I have a couple of projects that are in the beginning stage so I encourage everyone to follow closely so they don’t miss out as they unfold.

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  1. A Mother’s true joy and respect for Life comes when God allows you (the imperfect one) to watch your children conquer challenges and excel throughout their journey of challenges in life. I am very proud of Summer because although she was a part of some of my biggest struggles, she never judged me. However, Summer was smart because she would always take notes on what she would do to avoid those mistakes. My role as her Mommy was to let her know that in Life falling is enevitable and will occur more than a thousand times. They Key to Succeeding in Life is to Never stay on the ground. Get back up, move forward and to stay your course. But know that you more than likely will fall again and that you can and will get back up. Mommy did. Defeat is never an Option!!! Mommy is so Proud of her “Princess Summer”. #Mommyfirstgirl #diedrawayans #wayansgirlfoundation

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