Bad skin can be a real problem for some people. You can try to cover it up with all sorts of different products but if you don’t get to the root cause of the issue, you’ll always struggle with it. When you’re a teenager, you’re likely to have skin problems because of all of the hormones, but if you’re still experiencing it when you reach adulthood, there might be another problem. These are the most common causes of bad skin in adults.


In some cases, there might not be a huge amount that you can do about your skin problems because they are caused by genes. If a relative suffers from bad skin, you are four or five times more likely to have the same problems when you get older. There are products that you can use like Differin Gel for acne that will relieve the symptoms well, but if it is a genetic problem then it is unlikely that you’ll get rid of your bad skin entirely. You’ll just have to accept that it will always be an issue and you’ll need to treat it regularly to stop it from getting too bad. 


There are all sorts of different aspects of your lifestyle that can have serious effects on your skin, and you probably haven’t even considered them. Pollution is a big one that is having a harmful effect on your skin every single day. All of that gunk in the air can get stuck in your pores and cause a buildup of spots. It’s difficult to avoid pollution if you live in a city, but you can reduce the negative effects by washing your face thoroughly to clear out the pores when you get home.

Household chemicals can also damage your skin if you’re exposed to them too often. Cleaning products and perfumes can dry out and irritate your skin. Having overly dry skin makes lines and wrinkles appear quicker and if it’s being irritated regularly, it may get red and blotchy.

Your diet can also affect skin more than you might realize. Recent studies show that dairy products can increase the chance of developing spots and blemishes on the skin. If you’re drinking tea or coffee with milk regularly, it could be making you break out. It might be worth skipping out on the milk at least for a few of those drinks and seeing if it makes a difference to the condition of your skin.


Watching your weight is always important. Being overweight can have all sorts of negative effects on your overall health, but it can also ruin your skin. A higher BMI has been linked to an increased risk of spots, but the foods that overweight people tend to eat are also a cause of poor skin health. When you eat a lot of sugar, it creates a surge in your cell signalling and they begin to produce more grease. This then clogs up your pores and causes you to break out. It also causes inflammation which will make your skin look blotchy and red. You can still eat a bad diet and not be that overweight so even if you think you’re in good shape, your diet could be causing you skin problems.


It’s common knowledge that smoking can lead to a whole range of life threatening diseases but the effect that it has on your skin isn’t really talked about that much, even though it’s massive. Even relatively new smokers will see a serious downturn in the quality of their skin. It affects women worse than men but either way, it’s not doing you any good. Regular smoking will give your skin a very dull grey colour, make it age must faster, and make your more prone to developing blackheads. If you aren’t convinced by any of the other reasons to give up smoking, maybe you’ll do it to improve the health of your skin.


High stress levels seem like a natural part of life sometimes, but it’s damaging your health in loads of different ways, including causing you to have bad skin. When you get stressed, your body releases lots of stress hormones which cause inflammation of the skin which leads to skin conditions. High stress levels have been linked to more serious skin ailments like psoriasis and hives so if you’re overworking yourself, you’ll start to see it in your face. Getting a good amount of exercise is a brilliant way to relieve stress but the most important thing is to make sure that you get some downtime every now and again. Bad skin isn’t just something you have to put up with. Nine times out of ten, there is a direct cause for it and there’s always a way to get around it.






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