When I was sent music by this phenomenal artist, I read the release and I knew he would be good, but I didn’t realise how good. Charlie Hole may only be in his 20’s but his soul is much older than that. His songs possess immense feeling and a depth way beyond his years.

In the hustle and bustle of city life, I’m always seeking music which is easy listening and Charlie Hole and his brand new EP ‘Someone Else’s Dream’ is a beautiful mix of tracks that are sung from the heart and are clearly from Hole’s personal experience. The first track from the EP ‘The City’ is a song that could easily stand the test of time and become a lasting classic.

We predict major things for this artist and from the time musical legend Rod Stewart states ‘This guy has potential’, you know he is one to definitely watch.

“Someone Else’s Dream” is the brand-new EP by singer/songwriter Charlie Hole, due for release October 6th. Still in his 20s, Charlie has already won praise by global superstar Rod Stewart, identifying him as an emerging talent who has written a “beautiful song”.

Though born in the seaside resort Bournemouth, it was London that inspired Charlie to write the first track from the EP “The City”.  He moved to the capital at 19, experiencing first-hand the beauty and struggles that living in London can bring. The EP “Someone Else’s Dream” expresses his feeling of being lost and found whilst maintaining a determination to achieve his own dreams: “I think this EP has a certain soul-searching about it; I had been living in London, having a beautiful time and learning about all the world has to offer, but at the same time experiencing huge setbacks and frustrations in my career and personal life.

This is a coming of age record; I was searching for some kind of clarity and definition in life, some kind of certainty in the midst of all the confusion. It was that time where you’re trying to work out who you want to be; holding on to dreams and praying that they don’t end up breaking you.” Charlie Hole

Now Charlie is taking his music not only on the road, but also into living rooms across the UK and Europe. For over 10 years, he has played more than 1000 gigs and opened for world-class performers such as Billy Ocean and Steve Harley.

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