Just like it is important to store fine wine in a cellar to preserve the quality and the taste of your wine investment, it is also essential to practice wine room manners and etiquettes to preserve one’s reputation in the world of wine.

So, here are some of the most important etiquettes that one is supposed to know about wine tasting, or just about being in the wine room itself.

No Cologne

You are not supposed to be wearing any kind of fragrance before entering a wine room because that would pretty much ruin the wine tasting experience for not only you but everyone around you as well.

Swallow, Don’t Spit

It might seem professional to spit the wine out instead of actually drinking it, but it’s rude and you should not be doing it. Take very small sips instead to stay sober and taste multiple wines at the same time.

Spit If You Must

The last thing anybody wants to see is a drunk wine taster, so spit if you think you are tasting way too much to not get drunk; just do it discretely.

Never Ask for the “Good Stuff”

A rookie mistake is to ask someone a question in the vicinity of “where’s the good stuff?” Ask for the reserve collection instead, or if there are any. Keep in mind that if you do ask for specials and taste them, they will presume that you are going to buy it.

Demanding a Discount is Impolite

It’s one thing to politely ask for a discount, but if you demand it or haggle for it, it’s impolite, even if you are in the wine industry yourself. If you are going to be buying fine wine, be prepared to pay the right price for the bottle.

Do Buy Some

It’s true that most wine rooms charge a fee to enter, but even then, you are expected to at least buy a bottle or two before leaving. In fact, the fee will likely be waivered if you buy a few bottles on your way out.

Tipping is a Tricky Affair

Now, this one is harder to answer than you might think because some wine rooms have a no-tip policy, but others don’t. You will just have to figure this one out on the spot by watching others or by asking.

Don’t Show Off

Even if you are a wine aficionado, don’t show off too much. It might be particularly tempting to do so, especially once you have had a bit of the stuff, but try to hold off on it because nobody really appreciates that kind of behaviour in a wine room.

When you are visiting a winery on a vacation, people will likely not point out if you fail to follow a few wine room etiquettes, but if you are planning to invest in fine wine (such as these top 10 wines which will need to be stored correctly in wine cellars like Octavian Vaults) or thinking about becoming a wine connoisseur down the line, you must be aware of each and every one of the etiquettes mentioned here.



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