A friend is somebody who will be there for you in any given scenario. They will not pass judgment on you given whatever circumstances may be transpiring in your life at present, whilst providing honest feedback to you whether this relates to life, relationships or your career. What is a friend?

A friend will inform you about anything without fear of reprimandation, without acclimating to tendencies of pretending to be something that they are clearly not. A friend will contact you regularly or meet with you to catch up on the recent events in your life. What is a friend?

If you are fighting through hell and the light and the end of the tunnel seems dim, a friend will be there. If you are unwell and in pain, a friend will be there. When your ego gets out of control, a friend will be there. A friend will never deceive you because they love you for whom and what you are. What is a friend?

A friend uplifts, inspires and motivates without a sign of envy and jealousy. A friend will challenge your thoughts, words and actions, coupled with showing morality, integrity and compassion along the way. A friend will take you as you are regardless of the scars of your past. What is a friend?

A friend can be trusted and relied upon when you start to doubt your future. A friend is one who is there not for personal or material gain. A friend will defend your honor and support you when others long to bring you down and strip away your dignity. What is a friend?

Are you a friend in need? There are friends in need that become friends indeed. A friend will offer advice and assist you without a price tag. A friend will see all of your positive attributes and personal strengths when others don’t view you in that light. What is a friend?




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