Welcome back Lost Kids! Is it me or does it become harder to buy for your partner with each passing year? When that first flush of romance sets in and we spend hours gazing meaningfully into their eyes it seems like the future is just brimming with promise. Everything we learn about this wonderful person who’s chosen to commit to us seems like a wondrous puzzle piece that we gleefully slot into place with the anticipation of more. Thus, those first few years of Christmases, birthdays and Valentine’s days are a breeze! We storm through shops both digital and physical, piling items into shopping baskets and wrapping them up with joyful anticipation of the look on their face.

As the years go by, however buying gifts for him or her becomes ever more troublesome (especially when children come into the picture). The well runs drier and drier with each passing year and it’s easy to find yourself banging your head in frustration. You want to get them something fun and memorable, but would it be such a crime if it were something that was fun to buy which you could both enjoy? (And I’m not talking iTunes vouchers).

Thus, here are some suggestions that are both gender neutral so they’re not only suitable for the man or woman in your life, but gifts from which you’ll both derive pleasure.

Make something

Handmade gifts are a beautiful token of your love as well as being fun to make. Personalisation is a big deal in the gift industry and while there’s certainly value in an engraved bracelet or phone case, what’s more personal than a gift that’s made with love just for them?

You’d be astonished at what you can make with a little time, a little patience and some relatively inexpensive materials. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration from knitted scarf to personalised photo frames. Every time your partner looks at your homemade gift he or she will be reminded just how awesome you are!


From a nice cup of tea to a fine wine, enjoying a drink together is a lovely, intimate experience that can be elevated with some of these fun ideas.

The Minipresso NS portable espresso maker- Summer has turned to autumn and as the leaves turn amber and the skies turn grey, it’s the perfect time for a romantic walk in the park. If it gets a little chilly you may both need a hot, delicious pick-me-up. Fortunately you’ll both be covered with this sleek, stylish and extremely portable Nespresso pod machine which can fit in a handbag or generous pocket. Not only will your loved one appreciate the stylish design and sleek matte black exterior, but they’ll be able to enjoy piping hot espresso in seconds. Just make sure you have some mints on hand. You don’t want to kiss them with coffee breath.

Swarovski crystal red wine glasses- When the nights draw in longer and colder, what better time to snuggle up together in front of a roaring fire with a nice bottle of red? And what could make that moment more special than a Swarovski crystal augmented glass with your personalised message? Chin chin!

Luxury glass teapot- Absolutely nothing says I love you like a steaming hot pot of tea brought directly to your partner in bed and this glass teapot is not only sleek, elegant and perfect for all tastes, it comes in a wooden cradle which also houses a tea light to keep the pot warm.

Champagne and truffles- Who doesn’t like to push the boat out every once in awhile? If you’ve got a big birthday, anniversary or special occasion coming up what better way to celebrate it than by cracking open a bottle of Laurent-Perrier champagne and enjoying it with some exquisite Montezumas truffles?

Enjoy your moments

You’ve no doubt already made some wonderful memories together and preserved them for all time as digital photos. This medium is kind of a double edged sword. It allows us to take pictures wherever we go and capture any moment easily, but when they get shared on social media they become disposable content that’s quickly forgotten. Your moments should be celebrated which is why they can be turned into handy gifts.

Polaroid Snap Instant- If your partner has a love for all things retro they’ll appreciate capturing your moments together with the Polaroid Snap Instant. This compact but beautifully formed little polaroid camera works just like most other polaroids, yet there’s a sophisticated process going on beneath the surface. While, as you’d expect, it pops out 2×3 full color, black monochrome or sepia 10 megapixel prints, its digital imaging technology means that you’ll never need to buy extra ink. How cool is that?

Photobooks- Getting together to reminisce about fun holidays, romantic getaways or key moments in your relationship is a wonderful experience for both of you. We used to do this with photo albums but in the digital age most of our images are consigned to thumbnails on a hard drive or flicking through Facebook which is, let’s face it, a little bit soulless. Why not really inject a sense of occasion and romance into the ;proceedings with a photo book? Photo books are a fun alternative to the traditional photo album that turns your memories into a glossy, professional looking storybook with professionally designed layouts that will augment your images with glorious backgrounds, themes, layouts, text and embellishments. They come in a range of styles and finishes so that you can choose one that’s ideally suited to your partners tastes.

Photo Blankets- After a long day what could be more romantic than literally wrapping yourselves up in your favorite memories? Well, with a photo blanket, you can do exactly that! Rendering a photo of a treasured memory in a beautiful and comfortable microfibre blanket that can adorn your bed or sofa is a great way to celebrate your love and if either of you needs to spend some time away, It’s a great way to feel close to them.

With so many beautiful and unique gifts that you can both enjoy, you need never resort to socks again.



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